Top Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers

For teachers there are a lot of things to juggle, so asking to help or offer support goes a long way. As parents, we want what’s best for our children, so use this to your advantage with these top tips towards building a relationship with your child’s teachers. This girls prep school in London shares their best advice towards building that relationship.

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Have a casual chat with them at the right times in the day

This means that you shouldn’t tail them down during the big school run or at the end of the school day. Pick the best moments to speak to your child’s teachers that don’t involve too much pressure on their end. If necessary, you could call the school directly to arrange the best times to speak to teachers.

Ask if there are any problems to address with teachers

A part of helping your child through school is by helping your teacher with problems involving your child. If there are areas where your child is struggling, then ask your child’s teachers where you can help with the workload. You’d be surprised how much help you can bring by adding a few more learning activities that help them in the areas they struggle with.

Don’t expect the world from your child’s teachers

Remember, your teacher’s aren’t mind readers and are just as human as we all are. Don’t expect them to know everything to help your child’s needs. Speak to them calmly and casually to build that rapport.

Contribute in ways that help the school

Donate to charity efforts that are held by the school, pay for school trips even if it’s seen as a voluntary payment, and get involved in activities like the school sports day and theatre productions. Even teachers and staff need a little outside help from time to time and showing that you care helps your child’s teachers feel more positively about you.

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