Christmas Gifts For Teachers | Under £25

The end of the year is in sight which it’s time to navigating the Christmas gifts for teachers. Go too flashy and it looks like a bribe, grab a “best teacher” mug and it will be added to the 50 they already have. So what should you buy as a thank you or happy Christmas gift for the teacher that has just spent the last four months supporting your child with their academic learning, social and emotional development and no doubt listened to them tell the same story 500 times?

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Well, here are a few ideas that I think make great Christmas gifts for teachers and the best bit is that they all come in at under £25, some considerably under.

Arran mini gift sets make lovely presents. The ‘after the rain’ is their signature scent of lime, rose and sandalwood and smells divine. These sets only cost £10 and contain a 30ml Bath & Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion and Soap. Arran also have unisex and men’s mini gift sets too.

If you want to treat the teacher to a little bit of luxury then why not pick a brand they are bound to be familiar with, Forever Living. They have a range of products for every budgets with a selection that come in at under £25 like this Smoothing Exfoliator. You could even team it with a small aloe vera plant and still come under budget with a gift that would wow.

If you have a few teachers to buy for such as in nursery schools and pre schools then how about treating each one to their very own Love Heart milk chocolate heart from Swizzels. They are super cute and only cost £2.49 each. These are enough on their own as a token gift but if you wanted to give more you could create some love heart gift bags with the sweets in too.

thank you gifts for teachers

A sweet treat is always a well received gift. The key is to find out what the teachers favourites are. Do they like fudge? Pick and Mix? Chocolate? Are they vegan? Once you know this head to Candy Roo for a fabulous selection of pouches filled to the brim with delicious treats, including vegan options. Pouches start from as little as £6.49 or you can opt for a 1,600g jar at £18.99.

If you’re not sure if the teacher drinks alcohol or not but do think they would enjoy a nice drink then how about a bottle of one of CleanCo’s non -alcoholic alternatives. They have gin, rum, tequila and whisky alternatives to choose from, all of which come presented in these lovely bottles and taste just like the real thing but are much healthier with no alcohol, no sugar and only 18 calories per serving.

Candles make lovely gifts and these WoodWick ones are extra special as they crackle as they burn and they come in at just £24.99. They have a range of colours and fragrances but I think the Santal Myrrh is a perfect neutral colour with a beautiful sweet and woody incense-like fragrance composed of mahogany, lemon, and golden amber notes.

Since the pandemic most people, especially those that are customer (student) facing, wash their hands more than ever before. This can be harsh on the skin and leave them looking dry so why not give your child’s teacher the gift of a nice hand wash that they can either leave in their classroom or use at home. This 300ml bottle of natural hand wash from Made Kind comes in at £15 and is available in Lavender & Geranium or Orange Blossom & Grapefruit.

Trendhim is one of my favourite brands when it comes to buying gifts for the men in my life so I had to see what they had for teachers and these beads are perfect. Although designed with men in mind I think the Trendhim Bracelets would work as gits for teachers, male or female, and they are only £19.

This Mediterranean Charm Planter from Click Style is just beautiful and looks a lot more expensive than its £22.99 price tag. It is a handmade ceramic plant pot that has been inspired by the Mediterranean landscape with it’s rustic design, intricate finish and vibrant colour. It would make a lovely gift on it’s own or you could of course buy a plant to pop inside to make it even more special.

Wax melts are the all the craze right now and Ava May Aromas have some of the nicest fragrances I have ever smelt. With prices starting from as little at £4 you could treat the teacher to a wax burner as well as some lovely melts to go with it.

Reed diffusers make lovely gifts and these ones from Manchester Home and Living are a bargain at £13. They have 9 different scents to choose from including this lovely Tranquil one that is made up of Rose and Patchouli. Each one comes in a 100ml resealable glass bottle with 6 reeds.

Bath salts also make a wonderful gift and these ones from Manchester Home and Living are no exception. They are available in 6 scents including the Tranquil range which is rose scented. You can order them in three sizes and they range in price from £6.99 – £16.99.

If you still can’t decide on the perfect gift for your child’s teacher then how about opting for a Prezzee gift card. You can top this up with any amount you like, making it a great joint gift from the whole class, and then the teacher can swap it for a voucher to use in over 180 retailers.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration when it comes to shopping for your Christmas gifts for teachers that have helped your children this year and remember it is not about the amount you spend on the gift but about the thought that has gone in to it. Buying them something you know they will like or use shows you have taken the time to listen to them this year and that will make them feel appreciated. Don’t forget to encourage your child to make them a thank you card too with a little hand written note inside about what they are thankful for. Cards like that mean the world to teachers, trust me I used to be one!