Fluers naturals candle

I ADORE candles. Scented, coloured, tea lights, glass jar, floating, I try them all. There is just something about candles that calms me down and helps me relax, and of course candlelight is the most forgiving light of all. My other, ever increasing, obsession is with organic and eco-friendly products. The more I review the more I learn and I simply can’t get enough. So you can imagine my elation at being sent some fleur candles.

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Fleurs Naturals specialise in eco and organic candles made from eco soy and organic beeswax, infused with the highest quality pure aromatherapy oils. The founders, Grace and Claire, had a dream “to make candles that positively enhance the air we breathe. Many candles omit harmful toxins into the air, we only use organic, eco friendly ingredients to make our candles for a clean burn.” and what a fantastic dream that was.

I must admit I had never given much thought to the toxins released from candles before but now I have I am totally hooked on this idea, especially as I burn so many of them.


The candle I was sent was cinnamon leaf, clove rub and mandarin. It smells divine. I would never have thought that cinnamon and mandarin would go together but it totally works. The smell fills the room once lit and due to the glass mason jar it looks beautiful. I found that the longer it burns the more the mandarin scent comes through and it doesn’t matter where in the room you are you can smell the heavenly fragrance and breath in the essentials oils.


Another outstanding idea from Fleurs naturals is to offer a bespoke service where by you can complete a health questionnaire and they will tailor the essential oils to your needs, making sure the vapours from the candle are as beneficial to you as possible. I have used essential oils in the past but never would I have thought they could be so effective just from breathing in the air released from a candle. This strikes me as an incredible idea, especially for young children and the elderly with health complaints (do not leave children unattended around lit candles).

However if you don’t like the idea of filling in a questionnaire, no problem, there is still a choice of ready made ones that you can purchase direct from the website, including a gorgeous lavender one that I have my eye on.


(The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. The product was supplied by Fleurs Naturals).