Organic candles by The Rose Tree

If you are trying to be more sustainable and eco friendly then organic candles are a great way to go. One company that makes such a thing is The Rose Tree.  Not that long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing their face and body oils and they were gorgeous so when I was asked o review one of their organic candles I was thrilled.

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If you are a regular reader of The Strawberry Fountain then you will already know that I am totally addicted to candles. I have them in all the rooms (apart from the children’s) and especially love to write whilst the aroma of a scented candle fills my office. So this was the perfect review opportunity for me.

The organic candles from The Rose Tree are made from a 100% pure vegetable wax blend and are scented with pure essential oils. There is no paraffin, lead in the wicks, artificial colours, scents or ‘parfum’. And the candle arrived looking very impressive in a beautiful white gift box with a pretty little ribbon. It really does look like a luxury gift.

organic candles

First impressions

As soon as I opened it I knew that the company loved their products as much as the customer did and that  they truly wanted them to arrive in perfect condition as not only is the packaging gorgeous but it was also full of padding to ensure the glass candle would not smash during shipping. I also noticed the little thankyou card that comes with it, a lovely touch.  This thank you note  also has burning recommendations on the back to ensure the customer gets the best from their candle.

 organic candles

Despite the candle being enclosed in a glass jar the scent from the candle still hit me as soon as I opened the box and it was a wonderful aroma that filled the room, I couldn’t wait to light it.

 organic candles

Over all review of the organic candles by The Rose Tree

Overall I was highly impressed with this product. I thought that The Rose Tree organic candle was fantastic and one of my all time favourite candles that I have had the pleasure of reviewing so far.  I would highly recommend it as a gift for any occasion and with Christmas just around the corner this will definitely be making it onto my gift guide.




What is your favourite fragrance for a candle?