Esthechoc The Anti Aging Chocolate

So, a while ago you will have seen that I reviewed Esthechoc the anti aging chocolate. I also said that my mother was going to review it also so here it is!

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It must be every woman’s dream to be told that you can have chocolate every day and it help to reduce the signs of ageing, wow both in one go! This opportunity was not to be missed. I was given the box of neatly wrapped individual chocolates, enough for one a day for a month.

esthechoc review

The box was attractive enough not to be an eyesore if left out in the dining room, after all with a Harrods label who would hide it away.

Esthechoc, not a name that roles off the tongue easily but a label that after a month certainly is retained in the memory, but for a good reason? I’m not entirely sure.

So I start…one chocolate a day after a balanced meal. The chocolate was not unpleasant if you like dark chocolate, however as days go by this novelty of having chocolate every day was starting to be more like taking medicine.

After a week; I am not sure if it was the chocolate or the fact that I knew I had to eat ‘properly’ for it to work, I started to feel and look slightly healthier. To be honest after I finished the box I couldn’t really tell if it was the effect of the advanced chemical additives or because I had changed my diet to accommodate the chocolate, that I was feeling all round healthier. As for the signs of ageing, well, that is going to happen anyway no matter what you eat, drink or smother over wrinkles.

Overall review of Esthechoc anti aging chocolate 

I think the concept is wonderful for those who love the thought of eating chocolate every day and it being good for them, but personally I thought it was more a mind game to make me eat a more balanced diet; which worked.

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