WOUF Bringing you Sustainable Fashion from Spain

Living a sustainable and eco-friendly life is becoming much more common these days and the benefits that this will be having on our planet for our future generations is something we should be proud of. There are a number of ways individuals can become more sustainable in their everyday lives from growing their own food to reducing their consumption of single use plastics but the most enjoyable way to be more sustainable is to shop sustainably from like minded businesses who have a passion for fashion as well as the planet. So if you like your fashion to be stylish and sustainable then let me introduce you to WOUF, the only place to shop for you next quilted bag, purse or accessories.

What is WOUF?

WOUF is a sustainable fashion brand born and made in Barcelona back in 2008 when Alice and Pablo first joined forces. WOUF creates high-quality bags and accessories that fuse functionality with bold designs using only responsible materials such as

  • Recycled fabrics
  • Organic cottons
  • OEKO-TEX inks
  • Recycled packaging

Not only do WOUF use sustainable materials but they also ensure that all their products are made ethically in Spain and then ship them worldwide so everyone has the opportunity to use these gorgeous bags and accessories including their quilted tote bag.


Who are the WOUF products for?

The WOUF products are affordable making them accessible to everyone who loves shopping sustainably and wants to add some colour and print to their everyday life. Every item is made to last and offers longevity as well as practicality making these staple pieces to add to your capsule wardrobes. From large shopping bags to statement purses WOUF have something for everyone and takes great pleasure in helping you add a bit of fun to your outfits, whether that’s for work or pleasure.


The Designs

All of the WOUF products are carefully designed in Barcelona and host bold designs and they are regularly introducing new collections. They have a real eclectic mix of patterns from simple shapes to more outrageous animal prints, floral designs and even some fruity numbers. However, every design is created tastefully and is pleasing to the eye, not garish or tacky in any way. No matter which WOUF piece you pick you will be bound to get numerous complements on it.


If you are looking to make some sustainable fashion changes to your wardrobe then what better way than to start with your everyday items like your bag and purse. WOUF have so many amazing pieces to choose from that you will be sure to find something that you love and with it being sustainable and helpful to the environment the world will love it too.

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