How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular, they are more eco friendly, cost effective and help you save time when planning your outfits. If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ then it refers to a limited selection of clothing that compliment each other and can be mixed and matched to create outfits for all occasions.

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Here are a few of the staple pieces that every capsule wardrobe needs, including the ideal accessories, to help get you started.

Black trousers

Every capsule wardrobe should start with a pair of black trousers. These are the most versatile item you will own and will be perfect for both work and play. What style you opt for will depend on your personal likes and dislikes but I recommend a pair of the 3/4 length ones as they can be worn with flats or dressed up with heals. I recommend the ones from New Look as they are well priced and true to size.


The second most important item of clothing in a capsule wardrobe is a pair of jeans. In order to have the biggest contrast to your black pants I would recommend a pair of light denim ones. A common mistake is having a capsule wardrobe made up of very similar coloured clothes but this leaves you feeling like you always wear and look the same.

Leather Look Trousers

A pair of leather look trousers are perfect for that more dressed up event when teamed with a nice top but they can still be dressed down or even worn for work when paired with a shirt. These ones from Lovall are so comfy and are available in sizes 6-28 and come in leg lengths of petite, regular or tall, so whatever your size you will be able to find the perfect pair for you.

A Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are great. They can be dressed up with heals but also dressed down with pumps and in summer they still work with sandals. You can also wear them higher to make them look shorter, tuck shirts in or wear them out and add belts to make them look like completely different outfits.

One or two shirts

Shirts are a brilliant addition to any capsule wardrobe as they can be worn buttoned up, half open, completely open over a vest or under jumpers showing just the collar. This is where I would introduce a splash of colour like red along side a crisp white shirt too. I recommend the shirts from Next as they offer a range of colours and style and the quality is great.

A Jumper

Depending on your style you may want to have a sweatshirt style jumper rather than a polo neck and obviously the choice is yours but in my opinion the best jumpers for capsule wardrobes are v neck jumpers. These look great on their own but can also be worn over your shirts to create a second look.

A Cardigan

The cardigan will be a game changer so pick well. If you choose a thinner material you will be able to add a belt to it to create an extra look too. Opting for a neutral colour like black, white or beige will be beneficial so that it can be worn with your trousers, pencil skirt and jeans in different ways.

A wrap dress

Wrap dresses are great for taking you from summer to autumn especially if you pick a below the knee wrap dress as they can be worn with both sandals and knee high boots. Most will also allow you to add a high neck top underneath or a cardigan over the top to transition to the colder months too.

A lounge set

Every women needs a lounge set. Whether it’s for those cold and damp days when you just want to snuggle up inside with a good book or for when your chasing the kids around at soft play or standing on the sidelines on football and want to be comfy and warm. The Lovall Luxe Lounge jogger set is the one. It’s available in 3 different colours and of course the jumper can be teamed with your jeans to make an additional outfit choice.

Long necklace

Choose a long chain and then buy two or three different pendants. This will save you money and also mean that you can change the look of your outfits simply by having an understated simple chain one day, and an eye catching, colourful and large pendant the next.

Gold ring

Keep your rings simple. Opt for one or two classic gold rings that you can wear everyday with every outfit. For an elegant look opt for gold and diamonds like the Celestrial Astra double eternity ring from Astley Clarke.

Then opt for a second gold ring that has a large coloured stone for when you want to make more of a statement.

Flat shoes

A pair of white pumps will work perfectly with black trousers, jeans and even a pencil skirt. Not to mention they are super comfy. If you like colour and feel a capsule wardrobe isn’t allowing you to have enough colour then buy coloured laces that you can change from outfit to outfit to make them look like different trainers.


Every women needs a good set of heals. Black would be the most versatile and classic but again this is your chance to add colour if you like statement pieces. Just be sure that it goes with your colour statement shirt and or jumper too to ensure complete compatibility across your wardrobe.

These pieces will be the beginning of a great capsule wardrobe. Once you have started to make outfits out of these key pieces you can then decide if you need one more shirt or whether a t-shirt will work better, whether you need another cardigan or if you would prefer a jacket instead. The main idea is to keep your wardrobe to a maximum of 25 items and every time you buy a new item you do so with the intention of replacing something that no longer works in order to keep the amount down. Here are some great ideas for things to do with your old clothes when it comes to slimming down your current wardrobe or replacing things in your capsule one.

Having a capsule wardrobe can take some getting used to but the benefits are worth it so have a go today and see how you get on.

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