Fuerteventura Zoo | Review

Fuerteventura Zoo, also known as Oasis Wildlife Park, is situated in Jandia on the island of Fuerteventura. It is home to a range of animals, some of which you can get up close and personal with, as well as some you definitely wouldn’t want to. As a family we have been to Fuerteventura three times and have visited the zoo every time, we love it, and here’s why…

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You can feed the animals

Unlike the zoo’s we have visited in the UK, here at Fuerteventura zoo you can buy packets of food for £1.50 and them feed the camels and the giraffes. Both animals get really close and will eat straight from your hand, it is such a lovely experience and a real memory maker. They are so friendly and more than happy to pose for pictures too!

Fuerteventura zoo

For us the giraffes were just incredible, with their long tongues and really gentle natures. They are even happy to let you stroke them and keep coming back for more. If you do forget to buy your food on the way in, or you run and want more, then there is a stall selling bags of extra food up at the top of the giraffe enclosure.

Fuerteventura zoo

The shows

There are three shows at Fuerteventura zoo, the sealion show, the reptile show and the bird show. Each one is on twice a day and they do get busy so head there at least ten minutes before they are due to start to make sure you get a seat, earlier if you want front row seats.

All three shows are really good and informative, plus they are under the shade so it’s the perfect time to take a break from the heat for 30 minutes. The shows are included in your entry fee so don’t worry about any hidden costs.

Fuerteventura zoo

If you don’t want any spoilers then skip to the next section but I feel I need to add this in for those that might want to know. If you do not like snakes then make sure you either hang back and grab a seat at the back once the show has started or sit in the middle and be ready to move if you need to. You see, the hosts of the reptile show enter from the top of the stairs carrying the biggest snakes I have ever seen, they then walk round with these snakes getting very close to the audience, awesome if you like snakes, not so much if you don’t!

Fuerteventura zoo

The experiences

As well as the animals, shows and feeding the camels and giraffes you can also pay extra to do some experiences and these can be booked on the day when you arrive. These include an interactive session with the sealions as well as camel rides.

Extra information’s about Fuerteventura zoo

Fuerteventura zoo is a great family day out and definitely worth visiting during your holiday. However, there are a few extra things you may need to know before you go….

It is hilly and sandy

The zoo is set out over a hilly terrain with the biggest hill being up towards the giraffes and elephants. As well as the hills there is also lots of sand/dust so it is best to wear flat shoes and even better if you can wear flat shoes that cover your feet like trainers. If you do struggle walking then there are some benches dotted about if you need to rest but most of the zoo is on an incline.

It is a little run down

Due to Covid the zoo is looking a little bit more run down this year than it was on our previous visit 6 years ago. During one of the shows the trainers addressed this and said that having been closed for 2 years and unable to make any money they have been unable to spend more than what was absolutely necessary to care for the animals. Everywhere is still clean and there were lots of staff working on maintenance when we were there so I imagine it will improve to it’s full potential again soon. Don’t let this put you off by visiting you are helping them to reinvest in the zoo too.

Nice restaurants and cafes

There are plenty of places to grab a drink or an ice cream across the zoo as well as a really nice restaurant if you want to stop for some lunch. However, you are also allowed to take your own pic nic in if you want to save a bit of money too and again there are plenty of places to stop and eat. I would recommend the benches near the restaurant on the way to the sea lion area as there is also a nice park there too, as well as some toilettes.

Most hotels have direct free buses to the zoo

If you are staying in a hotel then check with reception before you book a private bus or taxi as most now offer a free bus direct from your hotel to Fuerteventura zoo and back again. Obviously this means you need to stay for the whole day as your bus will have a dedicated pick up time at round 5pm, but we honestly didn’t find this an issue as there is plenty to do.

You don’t have to walk through the gift shop to leave!

This is one of my pet hates on a day out. When you need to walk through the gift shop with kids to leave. It drives me mad. Not only is it a nightmare with kids wanting things but they are also the least buggy friendly places ever and you risk knocking everything off the shelves as you go. At Fuerteventura zoo that isn’t as issue as you can bypass the gift sop if you wish. We did go in and bought a couple of soft toys that were reasonably priced at under £10 but knowing you don’t have to makes all the difference.

If you do decide to go to Fuerteventura zoo, and I really think you should, then I hope you have the best time. And remember to buy the giraffe food, you wont regret it.

Fuerteventura zoo