My Happy Soap | Review

Once again I am delighted to have had the opportunity to review a new and exciting brand that I haven’t heard of before. This time it is My Happy Soap.

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My Happy Soap is a company based in France. They took their grandmothers soap and turned an

everyday necessity product into a pure, joyful sense experience that will contribute to a moment of true happiness.”

My Happy soap specialise in handcrafted Shea butter vegetable soaps. They are an eco-friendly company, who utilize renewable, responsibly-sourced ingredients, and infuse each soap with essential oils.

There are 24 soaps to choose from, divided into 6 colors with 4 soaps covering each spectrum. This is a fantastic idea, especially if you have a colour themed bathroom, as instead of having to always buy the same fragrance soap you have a choice of four that will still match your decor.

I was sent four soaps to review from different colour schemes red (strawberry) blue (seaweed) grey (zen) and purple (blackcurrant). The first thing I noticed was how lovely they had been packed. All surrounded by brown paper and spread out so you are instantly hit by the vibrant colours.


As I unpacked them I noticed that the individual packaging is so simple yet effective, just a plain white box with a hole in the middle, framing your chosen colour. The gap in the middle makes you want to lift it straight to your nose to breath in the fragrance.


This is when I wish we had a scratch and sniff version of my blog as the fragrances are all divine. The Seaweed and the Strawberry are my favourites, both fresh and clean. If you prefer a stronger scent then choose the Zen as this is the most powerful one but isn’t overwhelming.

I am often put off by bars of soap as I find that you need to work at them to make bubbles in order to wash your hands. That is not the case with My Happy Soaps, the second the strawberry soap hit the water it was forming bubbles and releasing the most beautiful scent. It also leaves your hands smelling nice and feeling soft, which I think must be down to the shea butter.


My five year old son also loves the strawberry soap as the bubbles are pink instead of “boring bubble colour” and we all know that a hit with the kids is always a bonus.

These soaps would make a luxurious addition to any bathroom and would be perfect as stocking fillers come Christmas.

(We were gifted a box of the My Happy Soap in exchange for an honest review.)