The Benefits of School Trips for Children

School trips are a really fun way to take children out of the confines of the classroom and test their skills in the outside world. School trips, while educational in nature, are designed to help children think outside the box and challenge them in exciting ways. Here are some more benefits to school trips from this Catholic Girls School.

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Allows children to work well in a team

Teamwork is key to a child’s development in the real world. A lot of school trips ask students to split up into groups, usually with people they’ve not conversed with much, to work together on effective strategies and answer the questions they’ve been posed. It could be a scavenger hunt where children have to find clues around a Castle, or they have to collect a series of rocks with different formations on them, but they’re working as a team and delegating effectively to improve their skills.

school trips

Improves a child’s independence

Taking a child out of their comfort zone means they’ve got a chance to practice being responsible and hardworking in different situations. School trips are great for this as they rely on a child to think independently throughout the day, even when they’re working within a team. Children are being asked to think critically and efficiently in order to help their team and teachers with what’s been asked of them.

Gives them the chance to learn about different cultures

A lot of school trips focus on history, religion and cultural changes in society. For children this is an exciting way to learn about how others lived in the past and what traditions have followed us through the years. It also teaches children to be open and free to the prospect of meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, which will make them feel more open and respectful of others.