Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn a New Language

There are numerous reason why it is useful to learn new languages but when your child is keen to start learning a new language it can still be both exciting and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  Learning a new language at a young age allows it to be remembered for longer, well through to adulthood, according to studies. We’ve teamed up with a prep school in Hertfordshire to give you their best tips for helping your child learn a new language.

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Speak in the same language

If the language your child is learning is also a language you know, why not begin speaking with them from time to time using the phrases they’ve learnt? Not only does this improve your child’s speaking ability, but also allows your child to feel more confident in their own skills to progress and grow.

helping your child learn a new language

TV, film or music

There’s a wide range of different TV shows that allow children to learn or practice in a different language – such as Dora The Explorer and Handy Manny. There’s also plenty of films with subtitles or games involved to help children along the way, as well as songs in different languages – both for musical and learning purposes. Instead of just using worksheets and books, why not diversify your child’s access to different ways of learning?

Alternate each day with different lessons

A good method for helping your child learn a new language is to diversify your lessons. Instead of just having multiple days reading a book, make sure each day is different to the other. For example, on the Monday try a listening exercise, then on Tuesday work on comprehension exercises and on a Wednesday maybe book the a session with a professional so they can learn with Language Trainers. Making each day a little bit different allows your child to remain engaged and focused on their goals, as well as keeping motivation high.

helping your child learn a new language

Learning a new language is incredibly exciting for children, if practiced and done correctly. Try and ensure that you make their experiences with the new language fun and engaging so they can continue to enjoy their studies.