How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

By nature, children are born curious and open to exploring the world around them. They’re eager to explore, wander and discover environments that are completely new to them. This is what it means to be an inquisitive child, and allowing your child to do so will allow them to be open to all sorts of possibilities in the future.

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So, how can you raise an inquisitive child? We asked this nursery school in Tavistock to provide advice on how to give your child the opportunity to explore and here is what they had to say.

Make surprises

Most children love the idea of being surprised in their day. It gives them a positive memory to remember when they’re back home with their parents talking about nursey or school. This can also work on the days they are at home too. Take them to the beach without any prior planning, or go and take them for an ice cream after a long day in school. Even the little things will be remembered!

When they ask questions, be prepared to answer

Curious children will often ask questions about the world, how it works or people they have met – whether it’s in a film or in real life. They may also ask a lot of funny questions, all of which is great, but you should still have an answer prepared at the back of your mind.

Add different things to their normal routine

For a lot of kids, at least five times a week, they’re subject to the same routine of brushing their teeth, getting dressed for school and packing their bag for the day ahead. You can mix it up every now and then to make them a bit more excited for the day, such as a brand new meal at dinner time, or a film on ready for when they return. This little actions can make all the difference to a little one’s curiosity.


Experience inquisitiveness with your child and see how they grow and flourish – they may thank you for it some day!