How To Maximise Your C9 Results

I used to be a forever living rep, have completed the C9 a couple of times and have also supported a number of individuals with their own personal C9 journeys. These experiences mean I really do know how to get the best C9 results possible. Based on my own C9 journey and the feedback from those who reviewed the C9 for me, I have compiled a list of the things that will definitely help you maximise your Forever Living C9 results.

Plan when you are going to complete the C9

It is no good simply getting caught up in the moment, buying the C9 and starting it hoping you will get good results. Chances are you won’t. My advice is to check your calendar first. You need to find a 9 day window where you don’t already have social commitments and where you are unlikely to have any pop up that you can’t or don’t wont to avoid. Check for birthdays, weddings, even pre planned shopping trips with friends, anything that might involve food or drink needs to be avoided. I would also suggest that if you have a busy or stressful job try and avoid starting this at a particularly stressful time if you can as you may find that days 1-4 result in headaches from any caffeine or sugar withdrawals.

Days 1-2 are the hardest as you have no meals, so if you have children and find you snack more when they are around then start during the week when they are at school and where possible start on days where you will be busy so you are distracted and not thinking about food all day.

If you are doing this for a holiday or an event try and plan it so you finish the C9 about 3-4 days before you go that way you can ensure the clothes fit and you have got back to a more normal eating and drinking pattern so you can enjoy the event without feeling bloated from a sudden increase in food or getting too drunk too quickly!

Be Organised

Plan your day the the night before, think about where you will be and what you will be doing and then make sure have everything you need with you. To get the best C9 results you need to follow the instructions and that includes taking tablets, aloe vera shots and fibre drinks at certain times during the day. If you are not going to be at home or are unsure how the day may unfold then have them already packed so you can take them with you, along with plenty of water and some free foods. This will ensure you don’t get caught out and end up giving in or skipping some of the much needed tablets or drinks.

Drink Lots of Water

The C9 instructions clearly state to drink lots of water and honestly the more you drink the more likely you are to maximise your C9 results. The increased water will also help you feel full and help ease any headaches. Take a water bottle with you everywhere you go and aim to drink at least a glass every hour.

Eat the Free Foods

So many customers that complete the Forever Living C9 think that they are weak if they eat the free foods. They think they need to go without them wherever possible to maximise their results. This is not the case. Yes the C9 is a low calorie diet but you are allowed to enjoy certain fruit and veg. That does not mean go crazy and eat loads but it does mean if you are hungry grab an apple. Do not push yourself to the extreme or you will be too weak to function and be more likely to finish the program earlier than recommended. When talking to my previous C9 customers I found that the people with better results where the ones that did eat the free foods instead of trying to go without.

Top Tip – if the evenings are the hardest make yourself a little fruit salad and cut the pieces nice and small. This will feel like a lovely treat, the small pieces make you feel like you have more and as you can pick at it whilst watching your favourite box set you do not feel like you are depriving yourself.

c9 results


The C9 instructions encourage you to exercise for 30 minutes a day. Do this as a minimum. Even if you feel tired and weak try and make this a priority, it will really help you maximise your results.

Top Tip – exercise in the morning before your body realises it is low in calories and energy. Plus once it is done you can forget about it for the day.

Generally Move More 

Once you have done your exercise for the day consciously move more. Take the steps instead of the lift, if it is nice go for a little walk. Maybe do a vigorous house clean or do some gardening. The more you move the more energy you use up and the better your results will be.

c9 results

If you follow all of these you are bound to maximise your C9 results and feel great.

If you don’t think that the Forever Living 9 day C9 cleanse is for you then how about trying the Forever Living shake challenge, it is much less intense but still gets great results.