Indulgence: Delicious Snack Ideas That Are Low In Calories

While everyone these days is attempting to maintain a healthy weight, the abundance of tempting and unhealthy meals available to us makes it tough to stay on track with our goal of being fit and trim. However, dieting does not have to entail eating like Peter Rabbit, as there are certain meals and snacks that appear bad yet contain relatively little calories. It’s fun to think you’re slacking off when you’re actually doing your best to stay on track. If you want to lose weight, try these low calorie snacks ideas.

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Cucumber vinaigrette

Due to its high water content, cucumber is an excellent food to include in your diet. You just can’t go wrong with it, no matter how much you consume. Perhaps some cucumber, tomato, red pepper, and red onion could be finely diced and mixed with some cubes of feta and spices to make a refreshing summer salad? The ideal salad that makes you feel as though you’re eating too much when, in reality, you’re providing your body with plenty of nourishment while consuming almost no calories!


Egg muffin

Nothing beats an egg muffin. It’s a pretty simple recipe to prepare and has the potential to be lower in calories than you think. That, of course, is dependent on how you prepare it. Why not scramble some eggs with a dash of salt and pepper and serve them with a light spread on an english muffin? Extremely low calorie for an incredible taste snack!



It is possible. Popcorn, the all-powerful snack, may also be a healthy snack! The Popcorn Shed has invented the tastiest gourmet popcorn that is just 100 calories per bag! This means that the next time you and your loved ones enjoy a family night, you can indulge in some low-calorie popcorn!


Cheese and crackers

It’s a national favourite when you’re hanging out with your friends. It’s a go-to dish that will serve a crowd and is really simple to put together in minutes. Some cheeses and crackers, on the other hand, may seem a bit excessive, but you may still enjoy them! Make your own cheese and cracker combination by using ryvitas and light philadelphia spread on them!


Stuffed cheesy tomatoes

Who isn’t a fan of melted cheese? But just thinking about something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich is enough to make your body believe it’s gaining weight. To satisfy your craving for cheese without overdoing it, try stuffing tomatoes with couscous and melting some cheddar or parmesan over the top! Before roasting the tomatoes, brush them with a tiny bit of balsamic glaze or vinegar to enhance their flavour!


Eating healthy foods does not necessarily imply that you should always refrain from indulging in the meals that tempt your taste buds. Low calorie snacks may be a great way to satisfy your cravings without overindulging, so think outside the box when it comes to cooking them! Remember that it’s necessary to reward yourself every now and again because if you don’t, you can find yourself falling back into old patterns.

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