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Grow your own tomatoes with Heinz

In a bid to raise awareness about the benefits of growing your own vegetables and trying to encourage the nation to  get involved, Heinz have produced some beautiful pop up gardens across the country. As a thank you for writing about the gardens the wonderful people at Heinz sent me a pair of  gardening gloves (or at least two left hands) and some packets of tomato seeds to grow with my boys.


My boys, like most boys, love mud. They love digging in it, jumping in and I would be lying if I said they had never attempted to eat it. So as you can imagine, it did not take much persuading to get them out in the garden planting seeds.


We bought some compost bags that are ideal for those parents that aren’t as keen on mud and mess as their children (like me), as you just add water to the packet, wait for it to expand, let the boys dig around a bit and then plant the seeds. Hassle free, relatively mess free (big bonus) and lots fun for little people.


My boys really enjoyed it, my eldest was busy telling me all about what he had learnt at school about plants and how to look after them and my youngest was, as usual, turning it into a competition to see who could grow the biggest, juiciest, tomatoe in the WORLD. I  guess only time will tell but if they have inherited the lack of green fingerdness from me then, erm, I may just have to throw a couple of Tescos finest in their one day and hope they don’t notice!

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