My Forever Living C9 Detox And Weight Loss Journey- THE FINAL WEIGH IN

This is the third blog post in a series that I have written documenting my time using the Forever Living C9. If you haven’t already then please do read about how I found  days 1-3 with no food and loads of Aloe Vera and days 4-6 with the introduction of food and the second weigh in.

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Day 7 on the Forever Living C9 plan

It’s day 7, which marks one week of following the C9 plan and today I’m feeling energised.  The cravings for carbs, chocolate and sugar have stopped which is good as I can now open the fridge without staring longingly at everything I can’t have. I am still getting a couple of headaches throughout the day which is annoying and probably a sign that I enjoyed too much caffeine prior to the C9, but no pain no gain, or weight loss in this case.

Tonight I fear that I have drank that much water my internal organs are at risk of drowning! But the water definitely helps keep the hunger at bay and hopefully will help with the weight loss.

Day 8 on the Forever Living C9 plan

I am so close to the finish line I can see it. Only two more fibre drinks left in the box and 6 packets of pills. As much this excites me it also slightly worries me as the finish means I will have to take things into my own hands and actually make good choices, count calories and be mindful about what I sneak into my mouth, but I CAN DO THIS.

Today has been an easy day, I went out with my children and packed the shake, a bottle of water and some pills into my handbag and wasn’t even tempted by the ice cream. I have also noticed that my nails have grown, a lot, this may be coincidence or it may be a result of Forever Living C9 I’m not sure, either way I like the results.

Day 9 on the Forever Living C9 plan

Wow the final day is here which means it’s also time for the final weigh in.

I get on the scales and I am a little disappointed. I haven’t lost any more weight since day 6.

However that still means I have lost a total of 6lbs lost in 9 days which is pretty good.

It’s time to measure the inches next and that cheers me up.

I have now lost a total of 10 inches and my jeans are definitely a lot looser on me.

My overall review of the Forever Living C9

I have loved this program. I have lost a total of 6 lbs and 10 inches, my nails are growing quickly. I have oodles of energy and I feel healthier than I have in ages. I will be continuing with aloe vera for the next couple of weeks, maybe longer as I think it has huge benefits and it no longer makes me want to vomit. I have redeveloped a love and appreciation for fruit and vegetables but I definitely need to improve my cookery skills and get more imaginative at meals times, cook book shopping here I come.

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Day 10

Okay so technically your final way in is day 9 but seen as you carry on with the program on that day I wanted to weigh myself today as well and I am glad I did as I have lost 1 more 1lb – go me.

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