How to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle

How to choose your perfect wedding hairstyle

You’ve chosen the dress, you have decided which shoes and accessories you are going to wear, you’ve even kitted the bridesmaids out. Now all you have left to do is decide on your wedding hairstyle.  Do you opt to wear your hair down in a long, sensual way, or go for a more sophisticated and elegant style of wearing your hair up, or perhaps you want to totally change things and  opt for classic tape-in hair extensions for short hair.

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If you are still undecided about how you are going to wear your hair and your big day is rapidly approaching, take a look at the following advice on how to choose your perfect wedding hairstyle.

Feel comfortable 

Whilst it is easy to get carried away with hair extensions and glittery tiaras, it is important to remember that you need to feel comfortable in your choice of bridal hairstyle. If long, flowing locks simply ‘aren’t you’ then don’t feel under pressure to opt for this look. Likewise, if you rarely wear your hair up and wouldn’t feel comfortable with your hair scraped off your face, don’t succumb to the pressure to look distinct and different on your wedding day.

It’s okay to pick a style that helps hide your insecurities, ears you don’t like, birth marks you don’t want on the pictures or even hair loss. Remember this important rule of thumb – the most successful wedding hairstyle is one that helps brides radiate confidence and comfort,

Finding a wedding hairstyle that suits your dress

Whilst several aspects should be considered when choosing a hairstyle that suits your dress, one of the most important elements is the neckline. Opting for a hairstyle that complements a wedding dress’s neckline creates a flattering and elegant look.

For example, if the neckline falls onto or above the collarbone, wearing your hair up in a bun or French twist can look stunning. By contrast, if you are wearing an off the shoulder dress with a plunging neckline, wearing your hair in curls that fall tantalising onto the collarbone will craft a striking look.

Think about the wedding destination and external factors such as the weather

Naturally your choice of wedding destination will need to be considered when deciding on how to wear your hair.

If, for example, you are getting married outside on the likes of a beach or in a garden, you should remember that it could well be a breezy day, which may influence your choice to wear your hair up. Alternatively, if you are having a traditional church wedding and are wearing a traditional gown, without the external elements of the weather to contend with, you may want to opt to wear your hair down or even wear hair extensions to create a real fairy-tale look.

Have a trial run

You wouldn’t dream of leaving trying on your wedding dress until the big day and by the same token you should ‘trial run’ your bridal hairstyle well in advance of the wedding.

Whether a professional bridal hairstylist is doing your hair on your wedding day or you are leaving the responsibility of your hair to a friend or even yourself, it is important to give the hairstyle a trial run prior to the big day. The last thing you want to experience is a hairstyle dilemma hours before you are due to tie the knot!

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Try out different looks

Another reason to have bridal hairstyle trial runs well ahead of the wedding is they offer you the opportunity to try out different looks. Experimenting with different hairstyles before the wedding is particularly advantageous if you are wearing your bridal gown. This will enable you to determine which hairstyles complement the dress and ensure you look like a million dollars on your big day.

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