My C9 Detox And Weight Loss Journey Days 4-6

This blog post follows my journey on the Forever C9 program, if you haven’t read how I got on during days 1-3 then you might like to read that first and find out how I survived 72 hours without food and what my side effects where.

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Day 4 on the Forever Living C9 plan

The aloe vera has practically lost its taste now and I am so used to drinking it at breakfast that I don’t give it a second thought, which is good as on day 1 I did not think I would survive. I have had a bit of a headache again today and I feel a bit sweaty, which I can only assume is the toxins leaving my body, or at least that’s what I hope it is. I managed a gym session tonight and despite feeling like I hadn’t eaten much I had more than enough energy to complete the circuit. Tonight’s meal was omelette again, I really need to improve my culinary skills! Or invest in an omelette maker to make life easier.

Day 5 on the Forever Living C9 plan

No headache today, yippee. In fact I have had an abundance of energy that I have used up with swimming in the morning and zumba in the evening, really hope this pays off at the weigh in tomorrow. I was looking forward to fish and steamed vegetables tonight but in true Terri style I forgot to defrost the fish so I ended up with quorn chicken and a variety of vegetables (some free, some not) all cooked in the wok with a splash of balsamic vinegar, delicious. This programme is definitely helping me to appreciate the taste of vegetables again and to think more about what I eat.

Day 6 on the Forever Living C9 plan

Weigh in day. Today is the second weigh in of the program and after losing 4.5 lbs in the first three days I am eager to see if I have continued to lose weight. I jumped on the scales first thing and was pleased to see I am down another 1.5lbs, bringing it to a total weight loss off 6lbs in 6 days, a number I am more than pleased with. I have lost another couple of inches from around my body and am starting to see a difference so the program is definitely working so far. The rest of the day went without a hitch. I am used to the routine now and feel my energy levels starting to rise, no more headaches or weird bouts of sweating either.

As I don’t drink cow’s milk I have been using water in the shakes but today I added coconut milk, it was gorgeous and I would highly recommend using this as it turns the shake into a thick flavoursome cocktail and uses less calories than semi skimmed milk.

Tonight’s meal was a salmon stir fry and it was really tasty.

My overall review of the Forever Living C9 plan so far…

After 6 days on the Forever Living C9 plan I can honestly say that I am happy with the weight and inch loss results. The plan  is getting easier to follow each day, especially as I can now eat food and my energy levels are good. However, I have suffered with headaches due to the lack of caffeine and I am massively missing carbs and chocolate. But overall, so far so god. Definitely worth it.

Check out my final weigh in results and then treat yourself to a C9 cleanse here if you want to. Or if you don’t think the full C9 plan is for you then check out how I got on with the Forever Living Shake challenge.