Little Tummy Baby Food | Review

We started weaning Layla at 6 months just as we did with the boys but unlike with the boys this time we have done a combination of pureed foods and baby led weaning along side breastfeeding. We have chosen to do a mix of the two methods for a couple of reasons 1. I find it easier to know how much Layla has actually consumed when using the purees and 2. I do worry about choking when doing baby led, so a combination of the two approaches works best for me.

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A couple of weeks into our weaning journey I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Sophie Niedermaier Patramani  from Little Tummy who gave me her top 5 weaning tips which have been great for getting us started and knowing we are on the right tracks. Dr Sophie and her partner Nadine were also kind enough to send me some of their Little Tummy baby food pots for Layla to try, here is what we thought of them.

The Little Tummy baby food is cold-pressed, organic, low in sugar and developed by paediatricians with your babies nutrition in mind.  Each pot has at least 3 different ingredients in and can be used for lunch or evening meal as well as their  Millet, Pear & Yoghurt  and Blueberry, Quinoa & Yogurt that make perfect breakfasts.

We were sent a selection of flavours for Layla to try including

Chickpea, Cauliflower & Kale

Millet, Pear & Yoghurt

Blueberry, Quinoa & Yogurt

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Chickpea

Kale, Apple & Quinoa 

Sweet Potato, Mango & Red Lentil

and she absolutely loved all of them, although her clear favourite was the Spinach, sweet potato and chickpea one which surprised me as I thought it would be one of the fruity ones but nope she seems to be a savoury lady.
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Are Little Tummy baby food pots expensive?

When you think about ordering baby food online or subscribing to weekly/monthly boxes your first assumption is that it will pricey however, the Little Tummy pots cost just £22 for 9 making it £2.44 per pot, even cheaper if you subscribe as you get your 3rd box half price. £22 sounds expensive at first until you work out the cost per pop and as we found that Layla could only manage half a pot per meal, making it £1.22, I think it is extremely good value for money.

What are the flavours like? 

I love the fact that the flavours use ingredients that I wouldn’t normally cook with at home such as millet, so these meals alongside my home cooking ensures Layla is getting a real mix of foods and the opportunity to try lots of flavours and get lots of nutritional value from a range of fruits and vegetables. I also love how the pots aren’t repetitive and are very different with some sweet and some more savoury.

Are the Little Tummy baby food pots easy to use?

The Little Tummy aby food pots are so quick and easy to use. If your child eats them cold then it couldn’t be easy you simply open the pot and off you go. If you want to heat them up then you can just place the pot directly in hot water for a couple of minutes to let it warm up and then it’ ready. We used the breakfast ones cold and warmed the others up and Layla was more than happy with that. Once opened each pot will last 24 hours in the fridge and if unopened you can keep them at room temperature for up to 10 hours which means they are perfect for taking out and about with you so you don’t get caught short with a hungry baby and no healthy, baby friendly options available.

Overall verdict

We loved them. We found them great value for money, heathy, easy to use and according to Layla very tasty! For details on how to order check out the Little Tummy website. 
Before you start your weaning journey be sure to read our checklist of weaning essentials every family will find helpful.
(we were sent some Little Tummy products to try in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).