Family Touch Baby Art, not just for babies

We were sent the Family Touch Baby Art kit to review a few weeks back and it has sat in my office ever since because I kept putting it off wondering how I would manage to review a baby item when I no longer have babies. But last week I got it out for a closer look and figured we would just try it anyway. I used to love making these types of things when they were small and have a plate with their hands and feet on that I cherish, so the idea of this appealed to me straight away I just wasn’t too sure it would work too well with school aged children.

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The pack contains

a frame

4 pieces of perspex

4 different colour paints, white, blue, yellow and orange

1 roller

family touch baby art

I looked at the frame and the perspex glass and measured our hands and realised that despite them not being babies anymore all 4 of us still have noticeably different sized hands and as the perspex and frame are A4 this should still work.

We each chose a colour and then one at a time I painted their hands using the roller and held it into the middle of the perspex for 30 seconds, lifted it off and then left the paint to dry, with my husband helping to do mine at the end. The paint was easy to use and washed off without any problems.

family touch baby art

It says to leave to dry for 3 hours but as we did it in the evening we just left it all night to be on the safe side.

family touch baby art

The next morning I slotted each hand print into the frame with the biggest at the back and the smallest at the front. Again really simple to assemble and took a matter of minutes.

The finished product is beautiful and the below picture really doesn’t do it justice at all. It is now pride of place on the dresser by the front door for all to see when they come round.

family touch baby art

So often we think products like these are for babies especially as it is even called baby art on the box but it has worked perfectly with our children aged 5 and 8 and in actual fact it is really nice to have something this personalised from them at this age as everything else with hand, foot or fingerprints has been made at a much younger age.

The other benefits of doing this as they are older is that

1). They followed the instruction and kept their hand still

2). They will (hopefully) remember making this together

The family touch baby art is a lovely product and I would recommend you use it to create a keepsake at any age as long as there is a clear size difference in hands, although the difference doesn’t need to be massive. I also think this would make the perfect baby shower gift or christening present.

EDIT- since the arrival of Layla we have added on her baby foot print to the side of our hand prints and it does look really cute so if you have a family bigger than 4 you can just get creative with how you use it

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(We were sent the family touch baby art to review in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).