How To Get Whiter Teeth With Beverly Hills Formula | Review

How to get whiter teeth is something most of us have asked or even googled at some point in our adult years. Very few people actually have naturally white teeth because, lets be honest, most of the good things in life like coffee and red wine stain our teeth. If you want to have bright white teeth like the celebrities you need to pay big money for it. You could opt for regular bleaching treatments or at an even bigger cost go full Rylan and get a set of ice white veneers. But who can afford that?

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Instead if you are looking at how to get whiter teeth on a more realistic budget and are just wanting to make your own, natural teeth, look a few shades whiter then there are lots of products that you can purchase off the shelf, or on amazon, that won’t break the bank but will still make a visible difference.

One such brand is Beverly Hills Formula which I have been using for the past few weeks.

Beverley Hills Formula offer a wide range of teeth whitening products including teeth whitening sets, specialist toothpastes, mouthwashes and tooth brushes. These products are divided into three different ranges depending on your needs;

Perfect white

The Perfect White range is formulated to effectively and gently remove stains to whiten teeth, for a Perfect White smile. The formulations are individually formulated with active ingredients (including real gold) to create the ultimate teeth brightening effect.

Professional white and 

This premium Professional White range contains professional oral care ingredients, such as Pearl Powder. It is scientifically tested and proven to care for your teeth and deliver whitening results for a perfect, bright white smile!

Natural White

The Natural White Range is designed for whiter results with low abrasion. This range of toothpastes helps to speedily and cost-effectively remove more than 90% of tooth stains, leaving you with brighter teeth in just one minute, whilst also providing all you need to prevent tooth decay, tartar build up and bad breath.

I was sent 4 products from the Perfect White range to try

Perfect White Gold Mouth

Perfect White toothpaste – extreme white amethyst

Perfect White toothpaste – optic blue 

Perfect White toothpaste – black

how to get whiter teeth

If I am honest when I was asked to review the Beverly Hills Formula teeth whitening products I didn’t hold out much hope. I simply couldn’t see how a toothpaste or a mouthwash would be able to make a visible difference to the colour of my teeth. I thought I would need something stronger and more specific and probably something that contained bleach but I was actually really surprised with the results. From day 1 of using the Perfect White toothpaste – black I instantly saw a noticeable difference. Obviously, I don’t mean my teeth suddenly went all sparkly and white after one use, they didn’t. But they did seem cleaner and whiter then when I use my ordinary toothpaste.

I was amazed that something so black could not only not stain my teeth itself but that it could actually remove some of the stains leaving them whiter.  I have now been using the Perfect White toothpaste – black for a couple of weeks and I am impressed. I do feel like this has done as much as will do on it’s own now but I will continue to use it so that it maintains this shade and if they get any whiter in the process then that’s a bonus.

I am also a fan of the Perfect White Gold mouth wash. I started using this after the toothpaste and so I am unsure if this has made a change to the colour on it’s own however, it definitely makes my mouth feel very clean and fresh and the feeling does last longer than my usual mouth wash. I also feel like my teeth feel smoother which I appreciate may sound odd but it’s true.  Again I will be carrying on with this product as I do feel it is helping to make my teeth whiter.

how to get whiter teeth

If you want to know how to get whiter teeth without spending thousands on permanent treatments and you also don’t fancy giving up the coffee or the red wine then I would recommend you give the Beverly Hills Formula products a try.

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(I was sent four Beverley Hills Formula products for the purpose of this review. Al opinions are my own).