Colour in your own pillowcase with Eat Sleep Doodle | Review

March is National Bed Month, a month aimed at raising awareness of how important a good comfortable bed is for achieving a good nights sleep and we all know how important one of those is. As a mum I have found that a good nights sleep is something I will never take for granted again. There are new-borns that wake every couple of hours, toddlers that wont go to bed in the first place and then of course all the mum guilt and anxiety that keeps you up at night too even if your kids do sleep. For kids, a good nights sleep is also important, yet most of them feel that will only happen if they are in their parents bed instead of their own! So trying to ensure our child WANTS to sleep in their own bed is half the battle. This month we were sent some pillowcases that you can colour in yourself by Eat Sleep Doodle and these are just the thing to get your little ones wanting to sleep in their own room.

What do you get for your money?

The Eat sleep doodle colour and learn pillowcases are pillowcases that come complete with a black and white picture on that you/your child can colour in. They also come complete with a set of 10 fabric pens so their is no need to buy anything extra.  They cost £14.95 and you can choose from the following designs

Space explorer

Fairy tale and legends

World map

USA map

Dolls house



Are the pillowcases good quality?

The pillowcases are very big (75x50cm/20×30) and will fit over any “normal” pillow that you already have, so you do not need to buy new pillows. The material is 100% cotton and feels very think with no worry of the pens going through the material or ruining the other side. We found both the pillowcases themselves and the fabric pens to be very good quality.

Our experience of using the colour and learn pillowcases from Eat Sleep Doodle

We were sent two pillowcases for review, the dinosaur and the space explorer. My eldest son, aged 11, didn’t fancy joining in with the colouring so my 8 year old and I did them together. He chose the dinosaur one and I did the space explorer. The dinosaur one is very interact with lots of details to colour in, such as dinosaurs, people, trees and even a volcano. The space explorer one is less detailed but is double sided. On one side you have the solar system and on the other the landing on the moon. I would say that the space explorer is better for younger children as the planets are easier to colour than the dinosaurs.

We spent hours colouring these in over a couple of days and we both really enjoyed it and also found it quite relaxing.

Are there any downsides?

On the whole these pillowcases are fantastic and provided us with hours of fun. However, the only possible downside, and I say possible as some may see this as a plus, is that the colours wash out. Now obviously this means you can wash and re do your pillowcases as many times as you like meaning they are fantastic value for money. However, my son was not impressed when he realised it would wash out and has made me promise I will never wash it as he never wants to have to do it again as it took ages and he loves how it looks. Not sure how I am going to get away with this one but I can totally see his point as he did work really hard on it.

Overall thoughts

Overall we were big fans of the colour and learn pillowcases by Eat Sleep Doodle. We loved both the designs we were sent and together my son and I sat and coloured for hours over a few days. It was brilliant to see him so invested in something other than a computer game and to see him actively get them out and ask if we could work on them again and again. I think they are good value for money at £14.95 and would make a great gift for kids. 

Eat Sleep Doodle also have a whole range of other colour in products on their website including the full pillowcase and duvet sets, bags, tablecloths and more.