English Wine Week 2022

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This week it is English wine week, a week to designed to celebrate the vineyards and wines here in the UK. When you think of wine, whether for gifts or recommendations to friends you will often find that those that come to mind are French, Italian or maybe even as far as South African but English Wine is rarely spoken about, yet the English Wine trade is really starting to boom.

Here in the UK we now have an incredible 577 vineyards and not all of them are down south as you might imagine. In fact Scotland, despite its colder climate, even has 4 vineyards of its own and Wales has 23. In England there are 19 Vineyards in the North, 152 in the South East and a further 136 in the South West. These vineyards cover a variety of wines including whites, reds and roses so there really is something for everyone and with the impact that Brexit may be about to have on the increase on importation prices now is the time to buy local.

Here are three English wines for those of you that love a fruity Rose in the summer.

Strawberry Wine Obviously with a blog name like The Strawberry Fountain we had to include a Strawberry Wine. This one in produced at Lyme Bay Winery in the West Country. It is best served chilled and if you want to make a long drink using this Strawberry Wine then simply add ice, soda and mint and you have yourself a delicious summer drink.

The Strawberry Wine is 11% vol, gluten free and made from natural ingredients with no GMO’s.

english wine

The Straw Hat Botanical Collection which is produced in Yorkshire, has a Strawberry Rhubarb & Orange blossom wine on offer which again sounds perfect for the summer. These mix of flavours create a delicately lush and fruity rose which is best served over ice. The Straw Hat Botanical wine is 11% vol, and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

english wine

The Silverbay Point with Raspberry and lemon natural flavours is a rose that is a little lower in alcohol at 8% making it a good choice for those enjoying a glass in the day and would be perfect for a festival or a camping trip. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

All three of these wines can be ordered from Bring Me Drink along with lots of other English wines and beers. Bring Me Drink also offer next day delivery if your order comes to £50 or more so great for any last minute parties or BBQ’s this summer.

Of course if you prefer to buy your wines direct from the vineyards then buying in the UK couldn’t be easier as the majority of the vineyards here offer tours and wine tasting experiences as well as having onsite and online shops for you to browse. However you prefer to shop be sure to add some English Wine to your next shopping list.