3 Things To Consider When Opening A New Business

If you are planning on opening a new business, whether it is a shop, estate agents or even a gym, there are a few things that you need to consider before you start trading. These are especially important if your business premises are going to be open to the public and in a populated area.


No matter what your business is you need to think about how accessible it is for your clients. The extent to which you need to consider this will differ depending on what your business is but in order to make your it a success you need it to be accessible to all of your potential clients.

Have a look around your new building premises, do you have dropped curbs outside, a ramp at the entrance and a lift if you have various floors for those with wheelchairs or other mobility issues?

Is the store itself and the doors wide enough for wheelchairs to move freely?

If your clients are going to be staying in store for a while do you have a bathroom they can use? If so do you also have a disabled one?

How about a baby changing facility or feeding room?

Do you have any leaflets or other necessary materials available in large print or brail?

Once you have considered the accessibility of the inside of the building you may also need to think about the surrounding areas.

Is parking available and affordable in the local area for those that will need to drive?

Can public transport be used if they do not drive?

Not all of these factors will be relevant to you as it depends on the type of business you are opening but being as accessible as you can is what will make you stand out in comparison to businesses in the same niche that are not as accessible and therefore result in more clients wanting to visit you. Investing in your business in this way at the start will pay of in the long run.

opening a new business
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Once you have found your perfect premises for your business and made any alterations that need to be made to ensure it is safe, fit for purpose, and accessible, it is time to think about security. Although it is not nice to consider the possibility that someone may target your business it is a potential risk and therefore you need to prepare as best you can, which often acts as a deterrent itself. Depending on your business you may feel you need to hire security guards to either man the main entrance or walk the perimeter. This may be 24 hours a day, just during opening hours or only through the night when you are closed.

Something else you may wish to invest in is a good alarm system as this will alert you to any break-ins when you are not there. Likewise alarms on the doors that make a noise when products are removed from the store without having their tags removed are great for alerting you to potential thefts and the loss of stock.

The third security measure you may wish to consider when opening a new business is security cameras. Criterion Technology, Inc. are where you need to look first. They specialise in Injection Molding Optics and make the optical domes for all your security cameras. These can be domes for brand new cameras that you are wanting to purchase or it can even be for replacement domes if yours have been vandalised or broken. The domes can be made to your specific measurements so you do not need to worry about the compatibility of your cameras, Criterion Technology, Inc will be able to help.

opening a new business


Even though have now considered the security measures you need to put in place to keep your business safe you should still invest in insurance. This will protect you against criminal damage and theft, enabling you to replace any stock that has been stolen but it will also protect you against any accidental damage too. For example should the premises have a fire or a flood then your insurance will help you with the costs of cleaning up, rebuilding and replacing anything that has been damaged. Whilst looking at buildings and contents insurance for your business it s also a good idea to look at any additional business insurance you may need such as public liability insurance which protects you against any harm coming to a client whilst using your equipment or whilst they are on your business property.

Having considered these three things you are now one step closer to opening your new dream business. If you are opening an online business, are offering personalised gift ideas or want to show a number of options without creating lots of samples then you may also be interested in our article about mock ups and how they can help.