Securing Your Home: Practical Safety Features All New Homeowners Should Utilise

As a new homeowner, you’ll probably be wondering how to keep your home secure. Where before, there have been others to worry about the security of your home, such as landlords or your parents, it’s now totally down to you to ensure your home is safe. This can be a bit daunting, but with the right tools and know-how, you’ll be able to keep your property and belongings safe and sound.

You should take advice from other homeowners and consider getting in touch with a security expert if you’re really worried or if there are unusual or area-specific concerns. If you’re getting any security features installed or want to replace things like doors and windows, you should always hire a qualified professional with plenty of experience.

Invest In A Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell uses sensors to detect movement outside your front door – it then uses its camera to send images to your phone or other devices to let you know what’s going on outside. This can be great for your peace of mind, as you can access the cameras at any time to see what’s happening at home. Some can even speak to anyone outside your home for you, for instance, to give instructions to delivery drivers when you’re not home.

Change The Locks

One thing all new homeowners should do when they move into their new pad is to replace the locks. The last thing you want is the uncertainty of not knowing if any previous owners still have keys to your home, and if you can’t be sure, then this could also be a major security risk. Choose a quality, professional locksmith like Sure Locks to replace the old locks with solid, secure new ones.

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Install A Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms are surprisingly uncommon in the UK, but they can be an excellent investment for anyone who is security conscious. There are lots of systems you could invest in, so it’s worth shopping around and learning the pros and cons of each before you buy. Make sure to use an experienced company for the installation of your alarm, and use a code that is not easy to guess – steer clear of obvious ones like 1234 or a birthday.

Replace Doors And Windows When Needed

If the doors and windows on your new home are a bit dated, it might be a good time to get them replaced. As the primary points of entry and exit in your home, you’ll need them to be secure and of excellent quality. If you’re not sure if your windows or doors could do with replacement, check to see if there are any gaps, cracks or other damage in them. If so, it is best to get them all replaced with new, fully secured options.

Secure Your Belongings with the Right Tools

One key aspect not to overlook when moving house is the security of your belongings. It’s highly recommended to equip yourself with some useful tools to handle unexpected situations. A well-recognized and trusted tool is the Lishi Lock Pick Set. It’s known for its proficiency in dealing with various types of locks you may encounter if you lose your keys or lock yourself out accidently. If you’re considering buying, you’ll find it’s a valuable addition to your toolkit and it can certainly save the day.


Keeping your home secure isn’t as tough as you might think – most burglars are deterred by a few simple but super-effective measures. Still, it’s a good idea to be safety minded as a homeowner, as you’ll need to know what to do and what to avoid to be as safe as possible long term. Making sure your house has all the best security equipment will also give you much-needed peace of mind as you enjoy your new home.