How Can Your Tyres Invalidate Your Car Insurance in the UK?

As we all know car insurance provides us with financial protection in case of any accidents or damage and it’s a legal requirement in UK. Most of the motorists understand the importance of maintaining a valid insurance policy but they may overlook the fact that inadequate tyre maintenance can lead to insurance invalidation, leaving them exposed to financial risks. Let’s explore the various ways in which your tyres can invalidate your car insurance.

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Legal Tyre Requirements

According to the law in UK, vehicles must be fitted with tyres that meet specific requirements such as having the appropriate tread depth and correct tyre size. Suppose if you get into an accident and your tyres are found to be non-compliant, your insurer may refuse to cover any claims, leaving you personally liable for the damages and you may end up facing legal consequences.

Insufficient Tread Depth

The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre’s width and around the entire circumference. If your tyres fall below this limit, they are considered illegal and pose a safety risk. Additionally, Insurers may also argue that you have violated a duty of care by driving with worn-out tyres, potentially invalidating your insurance policy. It is essential to maintain both safety and validity of your policy by regularly checking the tread depth on your tyres and replacing them where necessary.

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Using Incorrect Tyre Size

If you do not use tyres that meet the manufacturer’s specifications, your car insurance might be invalidated. Keep in mind that installing tyres of an incorrect size can affect the vehicle’s performance and compromise safety so if an accident occurs and it is determined that the tyres played a significant role, your insurance company might refuse your claim. It is very crucial to seek professional advice to ensure that the tyres you choose match the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are looking to get your tyres changed or upgraded then we suggest visiting Eco Tyres Stevenage Centre to equip your ride with premium yet affordable tyres.

Maintaining road safety and valid car insurance coverage go hand in hand. Neglecting proper tyre maintenance can cancel your insurance, leaving you exposed to financial risks and potential legal consequences. By ensuring compliance with legal tyre requirements, maintaining sufficient tread depth and using the correct tyre size, you can protect yourself, your passengers and your insurance coverage. Hence, all UK drivers are responsible for inspecting and replacing their tyres when necessary.

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