The Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box | Review

Correxiko was founded by Dr. Dinuk who originally wanted to create products that his wife, family and friends would love, products that would help them enhance their skin, nails and hair and give them the confidence that they so often sought, and so the Correxiko collagen and supplement ranges were born. The brand has gone from strength to strength with the recent introduction of the Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko collaboration, which I have been lucky enough to try over tha last month.

Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box

The Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box offers 30 days worth of products all hand selected by Lisa to help you shine from the inside out. These products will enhance your hair and nail growth, target fine lines and wrinkles, increase the elasticity of your skin and even help to improve joint pain.

The Glow box contains

  • Marine Collagen Powder 
  • Marine Collagen Capsules
  • Ultra Omega 3
  • Collagen Whisk
  • Collagen Smoothies Recipe Book
  • Collagen Scoop
  • Welcome Pack

Our Review

First off I loved this box. It had everything I needed all in one place including the really easy to use measuring spoon and mini whisk. When shopping for collagen before I’ve never really known where to start or how much I should be taking, so this 30 day pack was ideal for someone like me.

I also loved the welcome pack or guide book as I liked to call it as it’s full of really helpful information and explains all about the Correxiko marine collagen and why it’s so good, along with a list of it’s top ten benefits. Along side all the great information there are also lots of brilliant smoothie recipes, all aimed at different areas of your life like improved sleep, hair growth or digestive aid which I found really useful and great for when you want to get creative with the powder collagen.

One of the things that I first noticed about the marine collagen tablets was the smell! I really wasn’t expecting it, it’s a very strong smell of fish and I found I had to open the bottle whilst trying not to breath in and then take the tablets quickly. They don’t actually taste of anything it’s just the smell and it is worth it for the benefits but just a heads up to anyone with a sensitive nose.

The powder, however, doesn’t have the same smell thankfully, nor does it really taste of anything so can easily be added to any food or drink, even just water if that’s how you want to take it. The powder is my favourite product in this box and the one I will most likely be ordering again, I just love the versatility of it.