The Subtle Art of Facial Rejuvenation: The Rise of Tweakments

Non-invasive treatments have been rising in popularity in the last few years. Traditionally, cosmetic procedures were sources of shame; people would never admit to them, although, ironically, they were pretty obvious. Today, advancements in the aesthetic industry have meant that there are a number of treatments which subtly enhance the appearance without making it obvious that you have had anything done, and this led to the term tweakments.

Definition Of A ‘Tweakment’

Before the last decade or so, cosmetic treatments were far more invasive, and therefore it was a lot more obvious when people had had work done. However, in the last decade, there have been several advancements made, and these have led to new approaches to cosmetic treatments. There has also been more of an emphasis placed on natural beauty, and thus: the tweakment was born. These cosmetic procedures tend to be limited to fillers and other injectables, which are designed to enhance a person’s natural beauty without making it obvious that they have even had anything done.

The Culture of Shame Around Cosmetic Procedures

In the past, cosmetic procedures were very hush-hush. People would still have them done, but they were a source of shame and therefore kept a secret, and if anyone asked, they would outright deny ever having had any work done. Today, the shroud of shame has lifted. People today are a lot more open and honest about having work done. In fact, they are simply seen as part of a person’s self-care routine. Honesty has really helped to normalise having these procedures and popularise them too. Arguably, one of the biggest turning points was Kylie Jenner finally admitting to having lip filler; since then, the stigma around it has really lessened.

close up photo of injecting botox on forehead tweakments
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Examples of a Tweakment

Essentially, a tweakment is a non-invasive, relatively low-pain cosmetic treatment designed to subtly improve a person’s appearance; there are a few common examples of them, not that you would notice since they are meant to be somewhat undetectable. A lot of people today are opting for Botox anti-wrinkle injections like the ones available from City Skin Clinic. Botox reduces the look of wrinkles and can even be used to lift the brows and open the eyes more or relax the jaw muscles to sculpt the cheeks. Filler is also popular, and it can be used to enhance the lips or the bone structure of the face to fill out the jaw, make the nose straighter, or make the chin project more.

Choosing Your Tweakments

If you are thinking of getting a tweakment, then you are likely to already have an idea of what you want. However, it is always worth asking the opinion of your clinician during your consultation. They have far more experience, and they might actually suggest other treatments that would perhaps better help you to achieve the look that you want. It is always worth taking their opinion on board and considering the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it comes down to the reasons behind your desire for cosmetic enhancement. If you are doing it for yourself and to improve your self-esteem or self-confidence when you look in the mirror, then you should absolutely go for it. However, if you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, then it might be worth looking inward and considering your motivations.