These Subscription Boxes Make Brilliant Christmas Gifts

Subscription boxes are all the rage at the minute and you can by them for every age group and every possible niche. Most now offer a one off box purchase making them perfect for gifts and of course you can always sign your loved one up to a 3, 6 or even 12 month subscriptions if you are feeling really generous. Another brilliant thing about subscription boxes is that they can be delivered straight to the persons door and although not gift wrapped the person can keep it boxed until the big day, which with the way the world is at the moment might be the best way to ensure your gifts get delivered to your loved ones this year.

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I have had a look at a few (loads of) subscription boxes and I think these ones would make the best gifts

For the vegan foodie

Treat trunk offer a subscription box that is jam packed full of vegan friendly snacks. It includes drinks as well as sweet and savoury treats from a whole range of different brands. The Treat Trunk is bound to include some favourites of your loved ones as well as hopefully introducing them to some new products, flavours or brands that they will absolutely love. The Treat Trunk costs £35.99 and contains between 22 and 25 delicious snacks. However if this is a little bit more than you planned to spend then don’t worry as they also offer a mini box at £19.99 which contains 12-15 snacks.

The Treat Trunk also offer a new subscription box that is specifically aimed at new mums and it contains 20 healthy vegan friendly treats and a postcard with a self care quote on for them to display where they wish. This one costs £29.99 and is a perfect reminder that mums are important too which can sometimes get forgotten when a little one arrives.

For the bakers

Looking for a gift for some one who loves to bake? Maybe a child who dreams of being the next bake off winner or a grandparent that is always looking for new activities to do with the grandchildren? If so then this subscription box from Nutritional Ninjas is what you need to get for them. These bake boxes contain a recipe card with all the dry ingredients needed to make the snack in questions, an extra recipe card for them to try, a certificate and a sticker.

These boxes are available as a one off, perfect for a Christmas gift, at £12.99, a 6 month subscription at £9.99 a month with the first box free or a 12 month subscription at £7.99 a month with the first box free.

For the coffee addicts

If, like me, the person you are buying for is a coffee addict then look no further than The Blue Coffee Box subscription. These boxes are a fantastic way to discover some new coffee flavours that you would never have thought about trying before, such as the blueberry and parmaviolet one that was in my box. Each box contains  two different types of handpicked speciality arabica gourmet coffee which has been roasted by the UK’s best of the best roasters. You can choose to have the coffee delivered as beans or ground in a box that fits perfectly through your letter box. Each box costs £15.99 a month, or you can up delivery to every two weeks instead of once a month if you wish.

For the tea drinker

If tea is more their thing then worry not as there is also a Blue Tea Box. This subscription service also fits through the letter box and contains 3 different rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from across the world. Each one is selected for your personal preference, ethically sourced, freshly hand-packed and costs only £12.99 a month.

For the health conscious

If you are buying a subscription box for someone who loves healthy eating then have a look at The Honestly Good Smoothie Company. You can order hand prepared, pre packed, 100% organic frozen smoothie mixes delivered to your door from as little as £3.99. As a subscription you can choose from three boxes; the variety box, the honestly fruit box and the honestly green box. You can then choose how many you want and often you want them to arrive.

Subscription boxes aimed specifically at Children

Little World Builder 

This next subscription box is an award-winning Architecture and Culture themed box called Little World Builder. These sets are aimed at children aged 6-11 who have an interest in travel, architecture or history. Each pack will teach them about a specific place in the world and include a number of related activities as well as a 3D build. This is a brilliant educational and creative activity that can be done as a family or independently. You can buy a one of box as a gift or sign them up to receive monthly kits.

For more kid friendly subscription boxes check out 40 of the best subscriptions here.

Subscription boxes aimed specifically at men


The company is called Sons and they offer clinically proven hair loss treatments delivered to your door. They currently have two boxes available; the full works box and the non prescriptive box.

The full works box (pictured below) is for mild to moderate hair loss. The box costs £39 and requires the gift receiver to speak with a pharmacist first.  They will then receive two types of tablets, a topical solution and a shampoo.

The non prescriptive box costs £32 a month and contains the topical solution, shampoo and vitamin tablets and this can be bought without the recipient speaking with a pharmacist, so easier to organise as a gift.

The Personal Barber Shaving Box

This subscription box by The Personal Barber is aimed at men that wet shave, or want to try wet shaving. The first box, presumably your gift to them, includes a safety razor, shaving brush, soap/cream, blades, a handy step by step guide and more. It is jam packed with goodies and the best bit is they are eco friendly as the razor and blades are plastic free. From the second box onwards, that you could also gift or allow them to get themselves should they wish, will be full of completely new soaps, blades and extra pre and post-shave products for them to try out such as oils, balms, colognes, alums and more. The First box costs £24.99 but the contents will be worth £35-45.

I think subscription boxes are going to be big this Christmas and I hope these have given you some inspiration, if not for others then simply for treats for yourself!

(Some of these boxes were gifted to me for inclusion in the gift guide. Only those that I loved and that I thought were good value for money made the guide. All opinions are my own.)