The Mokee Wool Nest and Mini Pod: is it worth the money?

We are currently 5 and a half months pregnant with our third baby having left it nearly seven years since we had our last. This time round has been different in many ways and I am amazed just how much has changed in what I consider a relatively short period of time. For example when we were having both our boys our go to shop for everything baby related was Babys’R’Us which of course no longer exists and the world of online shopping has grown and grown meaning so to, has the choice available. Despite feeling a little over whelmed by the lack of a one shop fits all I am loving the all the new companies and products that I am discovering, usually in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and find my self perusing the likes of google and Pintrest looking for inspiration and reading reviews. One such company that I have discovered this time round is Mokee who have very kindly sent me a Mokee Wool Nest and a Mini Pod to try.

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The Mokee Wool Nest Review

Is the Mokee Wool Nest Easy to build?

Building the wool nest itself was easy and straight forward, it just zips together.

The stand however was a bit trickier. The instructions are pictures only and to be honest I found these a bit confusing so instead I went to the Mokee website and looked at a picture of an assembled wool nest and stand and then it became quite clear what went where. I would, however, advise that you have two people building this so one of you can hold things in place whilst the other person tightens the screws. All together I would say it took less than 30 minutes to build and was easier once we stopped using the instructions and just used common sense.

mokee wool nest

How the Wool Nest looks

The Mokee Wool nest is very stylish and looks comfy and cosy, unlike the wooden cribs I have used in the past. It is a dark grey colour as standard but you can customise it by choosing from 4 colours for the straps, Neon pumpkin, Azure Drop, Pink Mallow or Summer Dash.

We chose the Azure Drop as we do not know if we are having a boy or a girl and felt this was a nice unisex colour, it also matches my kitchen and dinning room in case we want to use it down stairs. The wool nest itself looks soft to the touch, which it is, and I can’t wait to put our baby in it in November.

What material is the Mokee Wool Nest made of?

The wool nest is made from 90% Natural Wool & 10% Polyester and has a wooden base that helps it maintain its shape and supports the babies weight. This is concealed under the mattress which is high resilience foam and comes with a polyester Aloe Vera cover and feels really firm, thick, and luxurious and also looks comfy. The stand is teal, regardless of the colour you choose for your straps and is made from wood and feels very sturdy once built.

Our first impressions

Our first impressions of the Mokee Wool Nest are extremely good. It looks gorgeous, feels luxurious and appears to be very well made. We love the fact that the Mokee wool nests are handcrafted and we can not wait to be able to give it a proper test drive once our baby arrives. In fact I love it so much that chances are I will be using this down stairs in the day and in our bedroom at night as I will want everyone too see it when they visit, so the fact it is light weight and has easy to use handles making it so portable is perfect for us.

mokee wool nest

The Mokee Mini Pod

What material is the Mini mod made of?

The Mokee Mini Pod is made from 92% cotton, 8% elastane with a silicon fibres, foam CMHR30 filling and is available in the malange grey again unisex and great if, like us, you haven’t found out the gender of your baby.

Our first impressions of the Mokee Mini Pod

The Mokee Mini Pod is one of those products that seems to have appeared in the last 7 years as I certainly didn’t have anything like this when the boys were babies, they either went in a Moses basket, on a changing mat, play mat or blanket and I can see why these mini pods are proving so popular. The mini pod is designed to be used from birth till 6 months and can be used as a cot reducer when helping the baby make the transition from your room to their own which I think is a brilliant idea. It can also be used if you want to co sleep with the baby in your bed as the enlarged sides keeps it safe.

One of the first things I noticed when we unpacked our Mokee Mini Pod was just how soft it is and how big the sides are. You will definitely be happy placing your baby in this as it is looks just as comfy as the mattress in the Wool Nest and the high sides mean the baby can’t roll out of it at all. Once again I can not wait to use it.

mokee wool nest

Overall we are extremely impressed with the style and quality of both of these Mokee products and they are certainly helping us to feel a bit more prepared for babies arrival this November.

mokee wool nest

Once baby is big enough to go in the nursery we will be using the Mokee cot bed too. If you are currently shopping for your baby furniture then check out my 5 reasons why you should consider buying a Mokee cot too.

(We were gifted the Mokee wool nest and the mini pod in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).