Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester | Review

A couple of weeks ago we visited Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester for the first time and here is our review, along with a couple of top tips to help you get the most out of your visit.

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Our experience of Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester

We arrived at Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester at about 12pm on a school holiday day so it was reasonably busy, however the staff on the till were quick and efficient and we were on our way to play in a matter of moments, they even measured the children to ensure they had the best sized clubs for them.

There are two courses, The Tropical Trial and The Ancient explorer, and as there was an offer on we were able to do both courses if we wished. We started with The Tropical Trial and found that there was a great deal of thought and effort that had gone into the planning of the course. From talking trees, to over sized bugs and even water features, there was something new to explore around each corner which was great for keeping the kids engaged, as 18 holes can take a while to complete.

treetop adventure golf manchester

We also found that there was a good variety of holes, some that required more skill than others and some that were a little more straight forward. This was great for the confidence of the children as it meant they did really good on some holes even if they struggled with others.

After we completed the Tropical Trial we stopped and enjoyed a drink at the bar before heading back over to complete the Ancient Explorer.

The Ancient explorer has been created with just as much thought as the Tropical Trial and once again has a good range of holes. I can’t say exactly why but we all preferred the Tropical Trial course, although this may just be because the kids were getting a bit tired and frustrated the closer we got to to 36 holes.

treetop adventure golf Manchester

Overall we had a wonderful couple of hours at the Treetop Adventure Golf Manchester and think that it is good value for money, especially if you get a two for one on the courses.


Treetop adventure Golf in Manchester is situated at the print works. It is handy to know that you gain access to it from outside the print works on the main road and not from inside as you may expect. It is also upstairs but there is lift access so prams and wheel chairs are not an issue.

Price List

18 holes (1 course)/36 holes (2 courses 
Adventurers £9.50                £15
Senior masters (60+) £8       £12
Young’uns (under 5s) £4.50  £7.50
Student putters* £8              £12
Family of 4** £31.50             £48


Additional activities at Treetop adventure Golf Manchester

As well as having two 18 hole courses of mini golf there are other onsite amenities for your family to enjoy including:

An additional 19th hole that you can play after each 18 hole course where you have the chance to win a FREE game

FREE face painting for children

A well stocked bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks as well as small snacks such as crisps

A restaurant that specialises in pizza

It also advertises arts and crafts throughout the holidays although we couldn’t see any arts or crafts activities on when we visited, so if this is something your little one will be particularly interested in it would be worth ringing up and checking in advance.

Top Tips 

1. Check the prices online before you go or even ring in advance. You can just turn up to play but when we arrived we were told they were having a two for one deal on the courses so it is worth checking what deals are on and when so that you get the most gold for your money.

2. Take a £1 coin with you for the lockers. It is refundable and worth it, especially if you have coats or shopping that you don’t want to carry around the course with you.

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(We were gifted our tickets to Treetop adventure golf  Manchester in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.)