This Year We Have Opted For Treads Shoes For School And Here’s Why

I don’t know about your kids but mine seem to go through school shoes like you wouldn’t believe, especially my eldest. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we buy their shoes from a well known brand or a high street supermarket, they never seem to last. Within a matter of weeks they are scuffed and looking messy and then in no time at all they have worn away the fronts, or the soles, or both, and always need a new pair before the term is out. So this year when we were asked if we would like to put Treads shoes through their paces to see how they cope as a pai of school shoes I couldn’t resist.

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I had heard about Treads shoes before but I was a little put off as at £45 a pair (some prices vary) and needing to buy for two active boys it seemed an expensive gamble to make, especially with everything else they need when they go back to school. However I have since read numerous reviews from parents that used Treads shoes for school during the last academic year and think they are worth the money and a one off payment of £45 is definitely cheaper than numerous payments of between £20-30. So I was eager to give them a go.


What are Treads shoes?

Treads were created by Simon Locke, a father of 3 who, like myself, was getting increasingly frustrated at having to replace his children’s shoes on a regular basis and so decided to create a brand of shoes to rival those that already exist. Not only did he create some lovely looking shoes for both boys and girls but having spent several years researching the development of shoes he created a brand that he says (and many a parent seem to agree) are indestructible. Now to me this seems a very bold claim to make, especially as I know my boys are constantly on the go at school, running, playing football, throwing themselves all over the playground and more often than not scooting to and from school. However, the reason Simon feels he can make such a bold claim is that unlike the majority of other school shoes Treads are made using hard-wearing components more commonly used in industrial safety footwear.

Our Review of Treads shoes

We were asked to pick two pairs of Tread shoes, one for each boy, and order them online. Now at first this put me off as I figured we would be sending them back and forth for weeks until we found the right size, whereas going into a shop and trying them on, albeit a stressful process, would mean we leave with the right sizes. However, what I didn’t know is that Treads shoes can be ordered in a size to a half size, for example 4-4 1/2 to give you that bit of extra room that will grow with the child and they also have a dual fit system meaning if your child has wider feet you can simply remove the under sock layer from below the insole and you have a wider fit shoe, perfect!


I chose two different styles the Brooklyn for Reece, aged 9

treads shoes

and the Madrid for Connor, aged 6.

treads shoes

When the Tread shoes arrived they fit perfectly, and according to both boys were really comfy. You can also tell straight away from looking at them that they are well made and the material feels thick and durable without being too heavy or clumpy for the boys. To say I am impressed is an understatement.


Another reason why I am loving  Treads shoes is that should the indestructible claim turn out to be inaccurate and somehow my boys do manage to find a  way to poke their toes out of the end or make the sole flap up and down like a puppet when they run, then I don’t necessarily need to replace the shoes at my own cost because Treads are so confident that their school shoes can survive the year that they offer a 12 month guarantee, you can’t say fairer than that can you!


So if you haven’t braved the school shoe shop yet then why not pop on to the Treads shoe website and have a look for yourself. There are lots of styles to choose from for both boys and girls and my first impressions of our Treads school shoes are very, well, impressive.


I’ll keep you posted throughout the year as to how we get on with them and I would love to hear your thoughts if you have had a pair of these before or are giving them a go this year like us.

You can also enter our new competition for your chance to win a pair of treads shoes if you are feeling lucky!

(We were sent two pairs of treads school shoes in exchange for a review).