Running End To End | 874 Miles in A Year | 9 Months In

My mum and I have just completed our ninth month of the virtual Lands End To John O’Groats running challenge. We started this on January 1st and had no idea how well we would do or if in fact we would actually complete in in time. Nine months in we are both super proud of our achievements so far, however, it is safe to say we still have no idea if we will actually complete it by 31st December but we will certainly keep trying.

So far we have ran a total of 659  miles, 66 of those mile being ran in September, leaving us with 215 miles to go.  This now equates to about 74 miles a month for the next three months if we want to finish by 31st December, which I appreciate doesn’t sound too bad but when you throw in our upcoming house move, the increased bad weather and the darker nights arriving earlier putting a stop to my solo evening runs it could become a bit troublesome. But we will keep pounding the pavements and hopefully we will both finish this mammoth mission on time!

September’s run

As I said earlier in September both my mum and I manged to run a total of 66 miles. For me this consisted of mainly 4  milers with one 8 miler thrown in for good measure. The 8 miler was a bit of a killer but I was still pretty happy with my time of 1 hour and 18 minutes with a pace of 9’51. Not my fastest 8 miles but good enough for me.

Having completed 659 miles this means we are no at Coshieville, Scotland. And according to the google map we are actually running down a rather pretty road past what looks like a holiday park filled with wooden holiday homes. Definitely the most scenic and picturesque part of the run we have discovered so far. Shame we can’t stop off for a mini break!

Septembers running must haves

This month I have been sent the Titan Touch running belt  which has

  • Touch window enables use of smart phones whilst still inside the carrier.
  • Large main pocket measures approx. 18cm x 10cm x 2cm
  • Rubber opening for headphone cables – no interference from a zip!
  • Neoprene construction for total comfort
  • Reflective detail for added safety
  • Fully adjustable belt with loop to hold excess.

The Titan Touch is really handy as it means I can take my phone out with me when I run all the time where as previously I have only taken it when using my Love Leggings running pants as they have a really good pocket on the side, my other runners don’t and I hate running holding my phone so I never take it with me. The Titan Touch means that I can slot my phone in and just head out knowing I have my phone on me which is a great idea now that the nights are getting darker earlier and my two favourite running routes are a little off the beaten track with very little passing traffic, having my phone just gives me that extra confidence. Plus it means I can connect my head phones and listen to music whilst I run which I do find tends to improve my pace. For £16.99 I would recommend getting one of these, especially if you  are a solo runner who tends to leave their phone at home like me, you never know when you might need it.

Other than the Titan Touch running belt I haven’t tried any other new products this month but I am still loving my love leggings running pants that I got last month and the Body hero vegan protein products that I tried earlier in the year. In fact I have just received a lovely little package from them to top me up for the next week or two which is brill.

Here’s to the next three months and hoping we can complete it on time.

You can now read about our 11th month here or jump straight to our last post to see if we finished the end to end challenge in time.