Running End to End | 874 miles in a year | One week in

As a family we often get involved with sporting and charity events. Billy cycled 300 miles to raise money for Children in need, I have swam the Great North Swim and as a family we have ran The Claire House Splash Dash but this year I wanted to go bigger. This year I signed up to the End to End challenge. A virtual race where you aim to run a total of 874 miles (1,406 km), the equivalent of running from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, in a year.

874 miles is a hell of a lot. To put it into perspective last year I ran 399 miles, so this year in order to complete the challenge I need to double it and then add on some more! HA!


The first week of the End to End challenge

I have now completed a full week and holy crap do my legs know about it! This week I have been luckily enough to do all of my runs alongside my mum as Billy has been off work giving me the freedom to run on my mums schedule instead of my usual hectic one. I definitely think running together has been beneficial and that we have kept each other motivated along the way. Although my mum may not agree!

So far this week we have ran a total of 21.18 miles (34km), so only another 852.82 to go!

This was made up of 6 runs and one rest day. When I started running last year in a bid to improve my fitness and shift some of the baby weight after having Layla I ran every other day at the most. So to now be running 3 days on, 1 day off, and then 3 days on again is a lot for me. And truth be told, I doubt I will be able to maintain this due to family life, work commitments and Billy’s work schedule. However, I am hoping that as my distance improves the regularity can decrease but we will see.

This week the weather has not been kind to us. We have ran in the coldest of winds, the rain, and on icy roads but we still got up and got out which is what I love about a challenge, it motivates you and keep you to going where normally you would find excuses, or at least I would.

According to the leader board I am in place 4,720 out of 11,500.

I am more than pleased with that. Although for me I am not treating this as a race at all. It’s a personal challenge and as long as I complete it by new years eve I will be happy. Even if I am the last to finish that is fine with me.


One of the things you can do with the End to End website when you log your daily miles is access the map which shows you a view of where you would be if you were actually running from Lands End to John O’ Groats. However I am not sure this is the route you would actually take if you were running it as apparently I am currently running down the A30 dodging the cars.

end to end

Hopefully I will be able to see some much nicer views along the way too.

How do I feel one week in?

Physically, I am pooped. My thighs are aching and my lower back and hips hurt. I feel old and I honestly think I may have over stretched myself.

Mentally I am confused. I don’t look forward to my runs but I like how I feel afterwards, like a sense of release and a feeling of accomplishment. Despite feeling like I was probably a bit over optimistic when I booked this challenge I still feel like I might just be able to pull it off and am not ready to quit just yet.

Overall thoughts

I’m bloody knackered.

I have quiet possibly taken on more than I can chew.

Yet I am still feeling positive and motivated to complete the whole thing.

21.18 miles in a week is, for me, impressive and if I carry on at this rate I will complete the whole course before the year is out.

Only 852.82 miles to go!

My running must haves this week

Normally I run in 3/4 length pants and a t sheet regardless of the weather as I warm up quickly and can’t stand feeling too hot. This week however, it has been ridiculously cold so I have been running in a long sleeve top under my t shirt, two pairs of running pants and a headband that covers my ears, something I have never done before.

I have also been using my running journal that my mum got me for Christmas to log my runs, make notes, track my BP’s and record my goals. It is brilliant and I would highly recommend for anyone that is, or wants to start, running.

If you are a runner and have any advice then please do share it with me. I am an absolute novice and have a long way to go so any top tips or must have recommendations will be much appreciated.