The Husband, 300 Miles And Stealth Gels

As some of you may know my crazy ass husband is cycling 300 miles in 3 days in September to raise money for Children in Need with a whole load of other crazy ass individuals who all work for Llyods bank (make of that what you will!). Although my OH can ride a bike without stabilisers this will be the biggest event he has ever attempted and it goes without saying that I have every faith in him and am supporting him all the way. Although I do wonder just how long he will be walking like a cowboy for once he returns home.

As a wonderfully supporting wife I am always thinking of my husbands well being and when an opportunity came up to review some energy gels from Secret Training I immediately grabbed the opportunity to put my husband to work for me, erm I mean the opportunity for him to train harder whilst using some new products to recover, yarder yarder yarder .

Luckily for me the guys at Secret Training were very generous and sent us over some of their real fruit stealth gels to try. These gels

  • Contains real fruit
  • The taste of a smoothie with the performance of an energy gel
  • Multiple energy substrates with sticky rice starch and fructose
  • Handy for when you need energy the most
  • Natural flavour and sweetener

Although these are different to the ones he usually uses he was game to try them and before I even said they were him he was riffling through my Secret Training  delivery of stealth gels, eyeing them up.

We were sent two flavours banana and mango and passion fruit.  Hubby put the banana being to the test pretty much immediately on his next late night training ride.

secret training secret training secret training

Obviously nothing in this life is free so once my he returned from his bike ride I quizzed him about the stealth gels, and this was his reply

“they are amazing”.

Clearly his ability to play me was better than I had anticipated and I had to allow him to use all the Secret Training supplies in return for drip feeding me usable information which now translates as a stealth gel review….

“they are amazing. They really taste fantastic. Full of flavour and like actual fruit not bitter fruit flavourings. I found that they gave me an  instantaneous energy boost, definitely kicking in within two minutes, much better than previous gels I have used.  They are easy to open whilst riding so no need to stop or slow down your pace which is an added bonus. My favourite out f the two stealth gel flavours was banana”.

He also crossed the line that no husband should cross and continued to tell me that

“these gels have no ill effect post ride”

apparently some gels give you the squats but these don’t! Pleasant, oh so pleasant.

Oh and he finished his review with

“I’m going to order some more for the charity ride” which of course is a really good sign.

So overall I would say that these stealth real gels from Secret Training have been a big hit and a huge help with the crazy ass husbands training.

If you, or your partner are taking part in any big fitness events then I recommend you grab some of these gels and also invest in one of the massage guns.