FREE 11 Plus Practice Papers

If you have stumbled across this blog looking for free 11 plus practice papers then you are most likely a parent or guardian who is currently trying to help your child succeed at school and support them as they revise for the 11 plus exam. You have my greatest sympathy and upmost respect right now. The 11 plus exam is hard going, stress inducing and rarely seen as fun by a child. However, passing the exam can be the difference between a school they want and a school they don’t and it can make all the difference. So firstly, keep going, it will be worth it in the end but try and remember that the mental preparation for the 11 plus is just as important as the academic prep.

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Helping your child to revise for the 11 plus exam can become very monotonous so using a variety of resources will definitely help to mix things up and keep the child engaged with the task at hand. Below is a list of FREE 11 Plus practice papers and resources that you can use immediately. By trying a selection of these you will be able to see which methods work best for you child and then decide if you want to invest in particular ones by signing up to more in depth access or buying specific resources instead of heading straight to the shops and buying everything you can find.

FREE 11 plus practice papers you can download now


SATS-Papers is a great resource that has a list of all the grammar schools in the country with links direct to their own familiarisation papers. These are only short and will not represent full mock exams but they are a good guide for how the paper will look on the day and give your child a feel for the type of questions they will face. You can download as many of these papers as you wish. You do not need to stick to just the paper for the school you are sitting the exam for. Just make sure you only use the papers that are for the same exam board as the one your child will be sitting on the day to avoid confusion, for example GL or CEM.

Bond Past papers

Bond have resources and books that you can buy online that are brilliant. We particularly like the 10 minute test books. However they also have FREE 11 plus practice papers that can be downloaded from their website.


Most parents think of twinkle and think of key stage 1 resources but they actually cover most subjects and levels including the 11 plus. You can download full booklets of their free 11 plus practice papers in all areas, their verbal reasoning are particularly good.

Eleven Plus Exams

Here you can download revision aids to help your child instead of full past papers which will help to break up the learning sessions a bit.

Extra Tuition Centre

This website offers plenty of free 11+ resources that also break down the methodology needed to complete the questions. It is great for helping your child not just test their knowledge but understand the questions and what is being asked of them too.


Ksol offer a number of FREE downloadable 11 plus practice papers as well as a 5 minutes 11 plus online test which  is great for those that want a break from the pen and paper method.


As well as offering free 11 plus practice papers 11plusswot allow you to sign up to a free trial which also gives you a FREE Ebook full of ways to support your child.

Einstein 11 plus

You can download 4 free 11 plus practice papers with no need to sign up as well as accessing an online test and lots of free information and advice about the 11 plus in general. It is a great resource for both parents and children.

free 11 plus practice papers

FREE 11 plus online learning resources


Once again Bond is a brilliant resource with access to free online 10 minute tests. These are perfect for revising in short bursts of time and the answers are given immediately no need for the parents to mark them.


Roots 2 success offer a try before you buy option meaning you can sample 6 of their online tests with your child for free and if you like them and think they are helpful you can then sign up to an account to be able to access more practice papers.

Education Quizzes

Education quizzes have a huge bank of online educational quizzes covering everything from key stage 1 to GCSE, including 11 plus. You can access some of their quizzes for free and if you want to access more then you can sign up for £9.99 a month or £49 for the year. All the quizzes are multiple choice and marked immediately to help your child understand where they went wrong. It also keeps track of your child’s score on each quiz so that they can try and beat it next time. Unlike most of the other tests and past papers Education quizzes break the subjects down in to types of questions and then each short test consists of 10 questions in that area, for example, decimals or spelling, which is perfect for children who are struggling with one particular area.

I hope that you find these free 11 plus practice papers and resources helpful. If you know of anymore then please do let us know so that we can add them to the list to help more families in the future. We wish your child the best of luck with their exam.