Christmas Gift Ideas For Runners

If you are buying a Christmas present for a friend or family member and are struggling with ideas then consider what hobbies they have and whether you could get them something related to this. A hobby based gift will show them that you have really thought about them, their interests and what they would like instead of sticking to the usual box of smellies. Over the last year I have been taking part in the virtual Lands End to John O’Groats race where I am attempting to run 874 miles by the end of the year. Although I don’t necessarily class myself as a runner despite the fact I run regularly I do think I have a good idea of what would make Christmas great gift ideas for runners. So if you have a friend or family member that loves to run ad you want to get them a related gift check out this gift guide aimed specifically at them.



The ultimate gift for anyone who regularly runs more than 10k has got to be one of the CamelBak hydration packs. These are so good as they mean you can still run as you would normally but have a drink ready at ay time without having to physically carry it in your hand which most runners find really annoying. There are lot of CamelBak  hydration packs to choose from, below is the CamelBak Octane Dart. This is light weight and easy to wear and it is completely hands free as you drink through the straw that is attached to the 50oz water bag on your back. It is available in three colours, red, blue and black and costs £70.

gift ideas for runners

Another option is the Zephyr vest which is also really good. This one is designed to be worn more like a waist coat than a back pack and comes with two separate pouches that you remove from the front of your jacket and drink as and when you want them, you can read my full review of the CamelBak Zephyr vest here. If you are really looking to treat a runner this would be my big ticket recommendation and something they might not normally splurge on themselves but would really appreciate.


Running Leggings

If you are looking for a gift for a female runner this Christmas then again I can personally recommend the Energise thunder blue cropped sports leggings from Love Leggings that retail for £32. These leggings are available in blue or black and in sizes 6-28. What I love about these particular running leggings is that they are nice and thick but still easy to move in and they also have nice deep pockets on the side big enough to hold a phone or keys but because they are tight they keep the contents still when you run. I also really like the wide band across the top that holds you in and means you don’t need to worry about hem falling down at all. The love leggings pants are great quality and value for money.

Head light 

Now winter has arrived both the mornings and the evenings are darker and for those that run before or after work safety is of paramount importance. A great way to keep safe when running in the dark is to ensure you are visible by wearing high vis clothing or head lights. This Biolite headlamp 200 is a great gift idea for runners, especially those that tend to run solo.

It is USB rechargeable

has 5 light modes white, dimming, red flood, red strobe, and white strobe

has a beam distance of 8 meters on low

and a whopping 50 meters when on high

is water resistant

lasts for 40 hours on low

and three hours when on high

Making this the perfect headlamp even for those really long distance runners amongst us.

gift ideas for runners

Reflective Hat

As well as wearing lights when running in the dark it is also important to wear reflective clothing.  Lots of runners will opt for the reflective jackets or even the hi vis vests but what they might not have thought of it a reflective hat. Ultimate Performance have designed the ultimate running hat and it has the following features

  • Multi colour reflective print
  • Fast drying
  • Absorbs and disperses sweat
  • Keeps body temperature in balance

Reflective Gloves

Why not treat the runner in your life to the matching reflective gloves also from Ultimate Performance. These gloves wont only help the runner to be seen and stay safe but they will also help keep them warm. The ultimate running gloves have the following features

  • Breathable – Allows hot humid air to escape.
  • Moisture Wicking – Wicks excess sweat and moisture away from the skin.
  • Abrasion Resistant – Resists wear and tear.
  • Bobble Free – Allows the garment to look newer for longer.
  • Soft-Wipe Thumb Panel – Allows you to wipe sweat away from the skin.
  • Touchpad Index Fingers – Lets you use your phone whilst still wearing the gloves.
  • Silicone Grip Pattern – Provide a non-slip surface.


Running Socks 

If you are looking for a smaller, more affordable, but just as thoughtful gift then how about a pair of running socks. These lightweight T2 Trail Run socks by Bridgedale offer both warmth and cushioning. They are 3/4 crew socks meaning they come up to your ankle and are designed to targeted heel, ankle and ball of foot impact protection.

gift ideas for runners

Running Journal

Another smaller, more affordable, gift idea for runners is a running journal. I personally have this keep on running fitness journal from Paperchase which has been really useful not just for logging my runs but also for comparing them, spotting trends and identifying my personal bests. There are also designated spaces to plan your future runs, books races and challenges and record achievements, a great gift for runners of any abilities and at any stage of their running journey.

gift ideas for runners

Lounge wear 

Another of my favourite items that I think all runners will love are these Recharge navy blue joggers by Love Leggings. They are perfect for rest and recovery days but also for taking with you to events, races and park runs to put on after your run when that post run freeze suddenly hits and you still need to travel home. They are the comfiest set of lounge pants I have ever owned and highly recommend them. They are available in three colours, blue, grey and black and you can order them in sizes 6-28, petite, tall and regular and at £30 a pair they are great value for money.


I hope this gift guide has been useful if you are looking for gift ideas for runners or if you yourself are a runner and have been wondering what to ask for. Everything here comes personally recommended from my running journey over the last 12 months and I am sure would be appreciated by anyone who loves to go running.