My experience of running with the Camelbak Zephyr vest

I started running a couple of months after I had Layla. Mainly to lose some baby weight, tone up and try and get a bit fitter. Little did I know that running was going to become my savoir during a pandemic and then two lock downs. When I first started running I struggled to complete a 3km route we had mapped out. If I am really honest I struggled to get to the 1km mark without stopping to catch my breath but I persevered and now can just about run 11km without stopping. I’m not the fastest, I wont be entering any marathon’s any time soon and I certainly haven’t got a technique to be proud of but I enjoy it, I am getting better and it definitely helps maintain an equilibrium of sorts where my mental health is concerned. I was recently talking to a lovely lady who works in PR about some Christmas campaigns and she mentioned she also worked for Camelbak and the opportunity to review one of the Camelbak Zephyr vests was available. I worried that I would look a bit “all the gear no idea” but I figured what the hell lets give it a try.

When it arrived I did feel a little bit like an imposter reviewing a piece of runningĀ  equipment as I don’t necessarily see myself as a runner, yet in reality if you run you are a runner and these Camelbak vests are not just for professional runners they are for anyone who exercises and I really couldn’t wait to try it out.


Here are my thoughts…

Is the Camelbak Zephyr Vest easy to use?

Absolutely. It comes with two water pouches that are removable and easy to fill up. These then slot in to the front pockets and can be secured so they don’t fall out at all when you run. The drinks bottles have a twist and turn lock on them to prevent any spillage and you squeeze them, either with your teeth or hands, to realise the water. Once you have that sussed you are good to go. As for wearing the vest you simply put it on like you would a waist coat over your clothes and fasten it at the front. There is nothing complicated about it at all.

Are the Camelbak Zephyr vests heavy?

This was my biggest concern as I was worried it would slow me down or make my training harder but it didn’t. The vest itself is extremely lightweight. You have a water pouch on each side so my advice is to fill each one the same to balance the weight out. If you are running a long distance you will need to use the full 0.5 litres in each pouch but if you are going a shorter distance you could fill each one half way to make it a little lighter and avoid carrying unnecessary weight. The Camelbak Zephyr vest also has extra pockets on the front and the back so depending on what you need to carry will depend on how heavy it becomes but the vest with water was not heavy at all.


Are they easy to run in?

Yes. It felt strange for the first 0.5km but I very quickly forgot I was wearing it. Although, weirdly, more runners than ever before waved and said hi which reminded me I was wearing it and made me laugh as I felt like they thought I was out training for a professional race or marathon not a Sunday morning jog!

Do they make you hot when running?

I dint feel any hotter than normal or become uncomfortable at all when wearing the Camelbak vest. It is designed to be well ventilated with holes in the material at the back which is very helpful and prevents over heating.

Are the Camelbak vests worth the money?

This is the big question. The Camelbak Zephyr vest is brilliant. I love mine and will without doubt use it on all my 10km or bigger runs, as having the water and my phone with me but being hands free was great. So in that respect yes they are worth the money. However, as I always say with more expensive items they are only worth the money if you can afford it. You can run without a Camelbak vest and you do not need to get in to debt to start running BUT if you are looking for this type of thing and have the money then I do highly recommend the Camelbak Zephyr vest. It is well made and I was very impressed with mine.

Overall thoughts

Overall I found the Camelbak Zephyr vest easy to use, light weight and an absolute godsend when I finished my run and had water to hand. It was perfect for running but I suspect it would also be great for other activities such as cycling, walking and climbing. It also has an attachment point for treking poles which I havent tried out but imagine work great too.

If you are looking at investing in your running equipment or you currently run long distances then they are well worth a purchase. I am so glad I had the opportunity to try it out and I wouldn’t fancy running a log run without it now.

If you are thinking about starting running but unsure it it is for you then consider these 7 reasons why you should run and then grab your trainers and give it a go.

(I was gifted the Camelbak Zephyr vest and asked to share my thoughts. All opinions are my own).