Among Us | Are You The Imposter?

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game aimed at children aged 12 and over. Children from all over the world can connect via their ipads, laptops or computers and join forces to solve the mystery and identify which one of them is the imposter. Of course, if you are the imposter then your aim is to convince everyone that you aren’t.

How do you play among us?

At the start of the game each player will randomly be assigned a character. This will either be one of the crewmates of varying colours or the imposter. You will then all board a space ship and move around from room to room completing missions. If you are a crewmate you will need to move around whilst avoiding getting killed, if you are the imposter your aim is to appear like you are completing the missions when in actual fact you are killing crewmates at every opportunity. At different intervals during the game you will all get the chance to discuss who you think is the imposter and then vote to eliminate them. If the imposter is guessed correctly they loose, if not they win. It is a fun, quick paced game that takes some planning and quick thinking in order to catch the imposter or avoid being caught. Either way it creates lots of laughter and frustration in our house, especially when the boys manage to out each other as the imposter!

The new series two Among Us toys

To go alongside the popular Among Us game that first aired in 2018 are the new Series 2 toys. The range has a diverse mix of products but all of them contain each crewmate making them great collectables.

among us

Blind bags

If your child is a fan of collectable toys then chances are they are a fan of the blind bags. In our house these always create loads of excitement and competition to see who can get the “rarest” or who can collect a full set first. The other great thing about blind bags is that it becomes a game after the bags have been opened as friend and family can start to trade any duplicates they have to increase their chances of getting a full set first.

The stampers

These stampers are great fun and can be used to create you own paper version of the game or for those who want to add them to their pencil case and use them in school.

The plushies

These are just the cutest and are perfect for those that prefer to cuddle their collectables as opposed to line them up on a shelf and this g and create a display of sorts. They are available in different sizes and with and without clips but this particular grey Among Us plushie is only £7.99 in HMV.

among us

The blind bag keychains

I love this idea. It is like a collectable toy but useful. Perfect for those that are feeling like they are too old for toys but still love a collectable and a blind bag, even if they don’t want to admit it. Plus the fact it is a keychain is also the perfect age appropriate item as those most likely to feel too old for toys will be the same ones that will now be starting to have their own house and school locker keys and these will be a great addition as they are chunky and easily identifiable so “should” prevent them from losing their keys!

among us

All of the series 2 Among Us toys are out now and available from Smyths, The Works, HMV, Littlewoods and Game. They make great additions to the back to school shopping list, especially the key chains for the high schoolers, as well as perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.