A Review of Wonky Blocks by Tactic Games

This year we have started a new tradition, Saturday night games night and the boys are loving this uninterrupted family time. Especially when they are on opposing teams and their competitive sides can come out to play! So far we have tried out a few different games our current favourites have got to be Seagull Splat and Junior Alias. This week we were sent a new game from Tactic games called Wonky Blocks to review and we could’t wait to give it a try.

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What are Tactic Games?

Tactic Games are the producers of some f the best games on the market. They create a whole host of types of games including board games, card games, and outdoor games. They cater for all ages with some games aimed at children, some at families and others just at adults. You can buy tactic games direct form their website, in most toy stores or on amazon.

What is Wonky Blocks? 

Wonky blocks is a very simplistic game that requires a steady hand and a lot of concentration. You have a stack of cards and 9 wonky blocks in 3 different colours and sizes,. The idea is to build a tower based on the instructions on your card without making the tower fall over. Like I said, a very simplistic idea, but not that easy when put into practice, especially when playing with a heavy handed 7 year old and impatient 4 year old who can’t quite grasp the fact that the blocks are not even and slip and slide all over the place. It does however make for some serious giggles and plenty of frustration.

Our review of Wonky Blocks by Tactic Games

We found this game very easy to understand. Set up time was less than a minute and it requires little space, just a solid setting like a table. You can play one full round in a couple of minutes making it the perfect game if you are tight on time but you can also play a few rounds without it getting tedious or boring as the order of the cards will be different.

We found that both boys, 4 and 7, enjoyed playing wonky blocks. The eldest was determined to continue to play until we managed to build a tower using all 9 blocks, just to prove that he could. This did take some time and we did loose the tiddler along the way but we made it eventually and the triumph and pride on his face was priceless.

From an educational view point this game is great for finger dexterity, logical thinking and concentration, although a big part of winning comes down to the luck of the draw.

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Tactic Games review

One of my favourite things with the Tactic games is their ability to create games that the entire family can enjoy because they use pictures on the cards instead of words. For us this means that once we have explained what each picture means to the tiddler he is able to join in on his own. Tactic games are without doubt our favourite game manufacturer so far.