Googly Eyes Game | Review

Anyone that regularly reads our blog will know how much we love our games nights, or at least how much we love the idea of them until they result in tears, tantrums, and sulks from whoever didn’t win, usually Daddy! Over the past 12 months we have encouraged our boys to play board games on a regular basis in a bid to promote turn taking, sharing and an ability to win and loose with some decorum. That last one is still a work in progress but we have definitely had some fun along the way. We have played some great games, some not so great games, and introduced the boys to old classics as well as discovering new games together as a family. This week we were asked to review the Googly eyes game, by University games, and of course we agreed.

How to play the Googly Eyes game?

Googly eyes is, in my opinion, the equivalent of being asked to draw a picture whilst wearing your beer goggles. Depending what you roll on the dice will determine which of  the three varying strengths of glasses and different time constraints will put on you on when you draw. But regardless of which glasses you need to wear and how long you have to draw the concept is the same, wear the goggles, draw a picture and pray that somehow your team mates can ascertain that your rather strange squiggles are in fact elephants.

The first team to reach the end of the board wins.

googly eyes game

Simple concept, ridiculously easy to play and well yes that sums it up really, simply ridiculous! It will guarantee laughter and frustration in equal measures and will absolutely draw out the competitive streak in all players. An absolute must for all family games nights.

googly eyes game

The recommendation is for players aged 7 and over but our 5 year old joined in and as long as someone on the opposite team read the card to him he was more than capable of joining in fully and was not disadvantaged in anyway. The fact his drawings are already somewhat questionable at the best of times asking him to wear the super strength goggles really did just add to the amusement.

googly eyes game

The googly eyes game will definitely be being played again and again in our house and will no doubt make an appearance when we have family over at Christmas.

What are your favourite board games to play as a family?