Cobra Paw Game Review

This month we were sent a copy of a new game called Cobra Paw as part of the blogger board game club. For anyone that follows our blog you will know how much we all enjoy a family games night and how we have encouraged our boys to play games in a bid to teach them numerous skills through fun, including how to share and not throw a complete strop when they loose – we’re still working on that one!

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What is Cobra Paw?

Cobra Paw is a game suitable for ages 6 plus and can be played by 2-6 players. It is designed to lasts between 5-15 minutes per round. So is great for playing in small pockets of time.

The aim of Cobra Paw is to lay out all the domino like pieces in the middle of the table face up, roll the two dices and then as quick as you can pick up the piece that mirrors the faces on the dice before your opponents do.

cobra paw

Our Review of Cobra Paw

We couldn’t wait to give this game a try and after reading the instructions were pleased it seemed straight forward as some games are bit complex.

The concept is really straight forward and with very few rules it is great for all ages and all abilities. However, the simplicity of the game does not actually make it easy, in fact it can be quit stressful, annoying, and addictive as you frantically search for the correct piece only to see your opponent grab it a second before you do. Which then sees you laughing at yourself and how irritated you are becoming with your own lack of skill, especially when being beaten by a child who seems to have the reflexes of a cat.

Once you have mastered this basic level game you can start to increase the number of rules you apply. We found that by adding the rule that grabbing the wrong stone means you have to put one of yours back was great for the kids as it meant they focused more instead of grabbing the first one they thought was right. Then we upped the level again following the instructions and included a sudden death level until we were left with just two players going head to head, the competitiveness of this was a huge hit with the kids.

Since having the game the kids have also created new games to play using the pieces which has been lovely to watch as they use their imagination. My favourite so far has been to play a game with them that is a mix of pairs and dominos and sees you having to take turns unveiling one stone at a time but only being able to keep hold of it if one picture matches a picture on your last stone, the first to 11 wins.

Our overall impressions of this game is really favourable and all of us enjoyed it. I can see it being a great holiday game as it is relatively small and compact, doesn’t require too much space, and  can be played in small pockets of time, perfect for a sunny evening on the balcony.

If like us you love a family games night then I can highly recommend Cobra Paw as it really is accessible for the whole family and our boys have asked to play it on numerous occasions so I think it is fair to say it could even be a family favourite already.

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(We were gifted this game in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).