Trapped Escape Room Games | Review

What are Trapped Escape Room Games?

They are family friendly games that you can play at home (or on holiday). They are based on the idea of the escape rooms where you need to solve puzzles and decipher clues to escape or complete a mission. They are suitable for 2-6 players and for those aged 8 and over. They take 1-2 hours to complete and are lots of fun.

Where can I get some Trapped Escape Room Games?

You can purchase the trapped escape room games from Amazon. There are lots of themes to choose from including three new ones that have been added this year and are currently available for pre order. These are

The Zoo

Mission to Mars and

Flight 927.

Our Review 

Last night we played the Zoo themed Trapped escape room game.  There were four of us playing, two children aged 8 and 11 and two adults. The idea behind the zoo is not necessarily to escape or the room but to complete the challenge of retrieving all 8 of the meerkats that you accidently let escape when visiting their enclosure on a meerkat meet and greet.

To set the game up you can use your whole room, not just the usual table top. So I turned our front room into an escape room whilst the boys were out playing. I put the clues all over the lounge and spread out as much as I could. It did look pretty exciting when the boys came back in to play and made it feel much more of an event than just a board game.

There is no order to the game as such, you simply pick any random clue and see if you can figure out a four digit code. If your four digits match one on the feeding times on the list then you get to grab a meerkat and return it to its enclosure, if not, you try again.  We found the lack of a starting point a bit difficult. We seemed to spend the first 5 or so minutes just aimlessly walking round the room looking at clues with no real direction. Even as adults we couldn’t get going so we used the clue book. The clue book gives you 3 additional clues per task that yo uncover using the clue finder, a little piece of card with random holes in that you place over text to uncover the clue. Once we used this on one we figured out what sort of things we were meant to be looking for and it got a little easier and we soon picked up some momentum. My advice – use the clue finder early on to get you going.

We let the kids take the lead for most of the game but there were parts where they, and often us, were stumped and we had to return to the clue finder once again to help us out.

It was a lot of fun and required a lot of thinking and team work. Just when we thought we had finished we opened up the secret envelope which I thought was for us to check our answers but instead it contained one final riddle. A rather tricky one that took the boys a while to fathom but we got there in the end and completed the whole thing in just over an hour, which we were all pleased with.

Overall we thought this was a brilliant game. Lots of laughter but also some frustrations and head scratching. It was great for bonding and for being able to include everyone and it removes the competivness that can usually occur at a games night as you need to work as a team to win. The zoo theme was perfect for the whole family and the clues ranged in difficulty so that everyone could have a go at figuring at least one of them out.

As you can only really use these once as a) you would know the answers a second time and b) some of the clues need to be cut up and turned into things to be solved, I would say they are best bought for a specific event or games night where you have cleared enough time to play properly as you don’t want to be rushing it. I would also say that although these say from aged 8, and our year old did join in, I don’t think children under 12 would be able to complete this without at least some adult input, so again make sure it can be played when adults are able to join in or supervise.

If you are a family of puzzle lovers than I would highly recommend these games.

We currently have a competition running where you can win all three of the 2021 games so if you are feeling lucky make sure you head over and enter.

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