Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Five Months In

Well what a disaster May turned out to be in regards to running the Lands End to John O’Groats challenge. I can’t actually believe how bad this month has been in comparison to our previous ones.  So far we have managed to hit 100 miles or more every single month for the last four months. Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, we have pushed and pushed ourselves to hit the 100 mile mark.  May just didn’t happen, it can only be described as a complete wash out really.


As much as it pains to me to write this but in the spirit of being completely honest every step of the way we ran a total of 24.5 miles. Yep, that’s for the whole month not just one week. BUT all these miles still count towards our total and I am still really proud of each and everyone of them. This now takes our total to 424.58 miles covered with 449.42 miles left to go.  This takes us to just under the half way mark by the end of five months   so despite this ‘bad month’ in actual fact we are still ahead of schedule for completing the challenge in a year so as long as we don’t encounter any more illness, injury or other reason for not running we should be fine. According to the map we are currently running down the A590 towards Kendal.


So why was May so bad? Well it started with illness for me, quickly followed by illness for my mum. Enough to wipe us out for the two first full weeks of the month and then when we could restart we were still both recovering and could only manage small runs. On top of that we have had a lot of things going on in the background, mainly revolving around football practice, football training and football tournaments! Or put simply we were too ill to run and then too busy/lazy to make it a priority.

However June is a new month and although it hasn’t had an amazing start, (it’s already the 3rd and we haven’t actually ran yet) I am hopeful that we will beat May’s miles and I will try and get back into a rhythm for being fit and healthy again. Including running more, drinking less and eating better. But we will see!