The top summer beauty buys of 2021

Summer is definitely on its way and with it (hopefully) comes the lifting of all things lockdown related. This means we need to get out of our comfy lounge wear sets and start to think about those summer dresses, shorts and if we are really lucky with the weather maybe even our swimwear. So, it’s time to get ourselves summer ready to allow us to bare more skin with confidence and to help us here are some of the top summer beauty buys of 2021.

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Now when I say get summer ready I am not talking about how to loose weight in two weeks or about which detox plan to follow. This post is more about the products that will give us a more instant result and help us feel a little better about how we look. I’ll be sharing my favourite products below, but if you want to discover more amazing beauty products then why not try a monthly beauty box.


Lets start with the legs. First up we have wax. Chances are you have been hiding those legs for some time and with salons being closed for so long you may have taken to letting them grow wild, reverting to the razor or even waxing yourself. If you are a home waxer, or fancy having  ago, then this wax by Sugar Coated is seriously worth trying. It is a full body vegan sugar wax that is water soluble, 100% natural, eco friendly and has the leaping bunny certification. It is easy to use and gentler on the skin than most other waxes and it smells amazing, just like caramel. It comes with washable hair removing strips too so one pot of the Sugar Coated wax for £12.50 can last a long time.


Once we have the smoothest of legs we can start to think about the colour. Self tan can be a tricky one but this tanning mousse by ST. MORIZ comes highly recommended. It looks like a liquid but comes out as a foam making it easier to apply. It develops over 10 hours but allows you to stop it developing any further if you have met your desired colour by simply rinsing with water. For best results always apply it using the ST. MORIZ double sided face and body tanning mitt to ensure a flawless finish and avoiding those tell tale self tan signs of stained hands.  They also have a tanning applicator and buffing brush that is perfect for those tricky to tan places like the face and  hands.


If you have any scars that are making you feel a little bit self conscious then you could try the Kelo Cote UV scar treatment. This helps to soften and flatten the scar, reduce redness and relieves itching. You can use this treatment twice a day, morning and night and is safe for adults and children. It is perfect for protecting the skin in summer as well as treating the scar as it contains SPF 30.


From body to face it’s now time to tackle the annoying facial hair and for this jOLEN have us covered with their facial hair removal kit. It comes with two products, the skin guarding balm that helps protect and soften the skin and the hair removal cream itself. The jOLEN facial hair removal kit is a quick and pain free way to remove unwanted hair from the upper lip, cheeks and chin.

summer beauty buys

And last but not least, our teeth.  If you haven’t got thousands to spend on professional teeth whitening appointments with your dentist then the GLO 32 advanced whitening stilo will definitely be enough to give you a whiter smile ready for all your summer selfies. This handy little pen is designed to be used on the go and can make a difference in as little as 60 seconds, mess free.

summer beauty buys


I hope these top summer beauty buys help you feel confident this summer and that you have the best time celebrating the reopening of the world in style.