6 Summer Beauty Products That Should Be In Every Makeup Bag

Summer has definitely landed, the weather is getting warmer and the evenings are getting longer and invites to social events are probably coming thick and fast. But how can you stay looking fresh all day? Well, these 6 summer beauty products will definitely help. It’s time to ditch the heavy foundations, dramatic eye make up and thick lipsticks that will all melt, run or smudge in the heat and opt for some much ore natural, light wear products that will keep you looking fresh even on the hottest of days.

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Kalme Day Defence

Firstly, start by applying the Kalme day defence. This has an SPF25 which is so important for protecting your skin in the sun. Not only that but it also has anti redness properties so if you do suffer with your skin tone, or have caught the sun, it will help reduce that unwanted red glow. And don’t worry you can still apply your makeup over the top as this product acts as a great primer too.

Benecos Natural Concealer

If you feel like you can go out with nothing but the Kalme Day defence cream on your skin then absolutely do it but for those that usually wear foundations and concealers in winter and feel they “need” something then we recommend the Benecos natural concealer. Start by applying it to those areas that worry you the most, like any dark circles under the eyes, this will help to give a more even skin colour and the confidence to bare the rest of your skin. The Benecos concealer is available in two shades, beige and light and it is really easy to use, blends beautifully and lasts really well. We also found that it didn’t run in the sun or come off easily when sweaty.

Lavera Invisible Finish Loose Powder

Now for those that still want a little extra on their skin the Lavera invisible loose powder is perfect. It doesn’t have a colour to it so you can show off that tan you are developing without worrying about whether your make up no longer matches your skin colour. Plus it will give you a nice silky matte finish to your skin and absorb any oil if you are prone to oily skin. If you have opted for a concealer as mentioned above, or you still feel you need a bit of BB cream or even foundation then this will help to keep it all in place for longer.

The Lavera Make-up Setting Spray

The Lavera Make-up setting spray is an absolute game changer, especially in the summer as it is really refreshing with the organic aloe vera extracts and it’s and great for cooling you down too. It dries super quick and whether you just have a small amount of concealer on or you’ve opted for more, this spray will keep everything in place all day, regardless of how hot it gets.

Lavera Endless Lashes Mascara

For me the perfect summer look is natural skin, light pink glossy lips and beautiful long lashes and if you’re the same then the Lavera endless lashes mascara is the one for you. It gives definition, volume and length without clumping, leaving you with gorgeous lashes and no need for any extra eye make up this summer.

Liquorice Balm

Liquorice Balm

Everyone needs a LipQ Liquorice Balm in their bag this summer. A simple swipe across the lips adds an instant shine, removes any feelings of dryness and leaves the lips feeling super soft. More importantly however, this little magic cream can actually prevent cold sores which are always more prevalent in the summer months making this an absolute must have. If you do prefer a little bit of colour on your lips then apply this first and then add your lipstick or gloss over the top.

There you have it, our 6 summer beauty products that will keep you looking fresh all day without the need for any heavy make up or worrying about smudging, running or sweating. Quick, easy and beautiful.