Celebrity MUA masterclass in Manchester

When I first started writing my blog it was my little piece of pink in a world full of a blue, in other words it was my release to be girly, write about make up and clothing and escape the constant refereeing and child wrangling that had become my life after having two boys. However this quickly became more about them than it did about anything girly and instead I now find myself reviewing family days out a lot more and make up and clothes a lot less, so when I was invited to a celebrity MUA master class with Amy from Amy’s Makeup box in associations with Debenhams I was over joyed.


I managed to convince a fellow blogger and good friend, Charlie, to come with me and true to form we decided to make a weekend of it and stayed the night before in one of the many hotels Manchester has to offer. We dined in the slug and lettuce and enjoyed cocktails in the Alchemist before catching some sleep ready for our masterclass on the Sunday morning.


When we arrived, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t what I was expecting, having never been to a an event like this before I thought I was going to learn how to do my own make up, which is seriously something that I need and in some ways this is what happened but I was expecting it to be an opportunity for me to copy there and then what was being done and practice as we went along. Unfortunately this wasn’t how the event unfolded, instead we sat and watched Amy apply make up to her model as she talked us through the process.

Now although slightly disappointed with the assumptions I had made, the event was still good. Amy was clearly very knowledgeable and very experienced in her field and made everything look so easy and the fact she claimed to be self taught just made it all the more impressive. She spoke to us the whole way through talking about what she was doing and why and even answered questions along the way.


Amy completed two looks, a bridal one and a glam one and both were stunning and I left feeling even more determined to learn how to apply my make up properly than when I had arrived.


Although most of the language went over my head and most of the products were things I wouldn’t even know where to buy let alone what to do with them, the one tip that I did learn was that if you have a pimple or a spot that can’t be hidden then use a tiny bit of black eyeliner and make it look like a small mole or beauty spot. I never would have thought of doing this before but it looks so much better than an angry red spot so I will give this a try next time.


The day itself was aimed at MUA’s and I spoke to a couple of them on the day who loved the event and said they learnt loads or were able to see how to achieve things they had heard about at college. One lady in particular was saying how good it was to get top tips from Amy that a course can’t teach you as they are unorthodox and come from experience such as mixing brush cleaner with product to create an even better product. So based on their feedback I would recommend this event to trainee MUA’s who want o learn from experienced and successful people in the business.


Tickets are £150 and include

watching two looks being applied

Q and A with the professional in this case Amy

Breakfast pastries

break time muffins and hot drinks

Afternoon tea for lunch

and a goody bag containing £25 Debenhams voucher, make up and false lashes.


The day itself was enjoyable and although it wasn’t what I expected I did have a nice time and most importantly I had a full 24 hours of girl time without having to split up a single fight, remove a child from a tree or pretend to save the world from destruction using which ever superpower I had been given by my 5 year old.