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The rise of social media is not just a tech thing that people either like or dislike, but instead is a big thing that is actually transforming the way we live our lives. The way we make decisions from day to day, the way we act when out in public and the way we view the world around us. Of course it is a two-fold concept, on the one hand it is great for keeping in touch with friends and family, finding out what is on in the local area, and forming new friendships with people we might not otherwise meet; however there is also the side of it that makes us feel like we need to compete with everyone around us, prove we are “living our best lives” and be Insta-ready at all times.

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Of all the social media platforms Instagram is by far the most visual, with everyone showing snap shots of their lives in photos or even videos, and lets be honest, who wants to share pictures of themselves looking less than perfect?

The problem of course is not necessarily of the pictures we share of ourselves, we can take 1000 selfies and choose our favourite, we can add a filter or two to smooth out the skin, or even do a little photo shop to remove any imperfections we think we might have. No, the problem we usually have is with the photos and videos that others share, usually because they look Insta-ready and therefore they aren’t too bothered what other people look like.

This concept is a strange one and one that definitely impacts on the way we live our lives and one that I am grateful was not around when I was going through the teenage years and battling adolescence and a set of unruly eye brows, whilst trying to figure out which shade of concealer didn’t make me resemble an Oompa Loompa. But, nevertheless, being ‘Insta-ready’ is a concept that very much exists today and one that is not only shaping the way we socialise but also the way the beauty industry operates. Beyou have created an ingenious business model that is proving extremely popular with individuals that not only want to look good for a night out but want to be Insta-ready at all times.

Gone are the days of doing your make up in the back of the taxi on the way to the club, or if you were feeling really fancy, splurging out on a make up artist in a salon and hoping you would still look just as nice 6 hours later when it was finally time to go out. No, Beyou has created an app that was originally just for London but is now available nationwide, that has revolutionised the way we get ready to party and ensures we are Insta-ready whenever, wherever we like.

The Beyou app allows you to book make up artists (MUAs) via your phone or tablet to any location, and best of all it allows you to set your own budget and book the MUA’s that you want. This app means that whether you are getting ready at home or with your mates, at a hotel, or in a holiday apartment, or even want a touch up as the day turns to night at a wedding or other Insta-worthy event, all you have to do is book through Beyou and know that a trusted MUA will come to you fully loaded with all the tools to make you look your best.

And of course it isn’t just your average party goer that feels the need to be Insta-ready permanently, celebs need to maintain their glamorous looks in case someone gets that cheeky shot of them on a night out. So it’s no surprise that Beyou already has clients including chart-topping singer-songwriters, A-list actresses and reality and social media stars, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Being Insta-ready means looking great at all times, but for some, simply being Insta-ready isn’t enough, they need to be Insta-worthy which means they need to be looking gorgeous but gorgeous with a difference, something that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Nawal Alkhedairy, Beyou director and co-founder, comments: “They say it’s ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ – and this year is promising to be extra special with convention being disturbed when it comes to make-up trends.

“Typically, the festive look has always been all about glitter, smoky eyes and a red lip. But 2018 is the year in which celebs, and all of us wanting something new, are upping the ante and daring to shake it all up.”

Charlotte Green, Beyou CEO and co-founder, continues: “Social media is responsible for this tangible sea-change. Nowadays, all of us want to be Insta-ready with something different!

What better way to know what’s new this season than using the app that is being used by the big names themselves!

Fabio Sarra, Beyou ambassadors and make-up artist to the stars says: “There’s a comeback of blue, violet, green and gunmetal colours for the eyes. Metallic finishes in general, especially for the lips, are hot for the festive season.”

Meanwhile, Lexie Taylor adds: “Why not push the boundaries even more this festive period? Using diamond jewels on the eyes instead of the traditional glitter. Or even the use of gold leaf  – it’s a bit pricey but such a fun way of transforming a traditional glitter look into something extraordinary.”

With the party season upon us, everyone’s cameras are at the ready so it makes absolute sense to make sure you are not just Insta-ready but also bang on trend and Insta-worthy for those shots that matter by booking your own personal MUA through Beyou at a place and time that suits you this festive season.


However, if you decide to do it yourself then take a look at our favourite beauty products that will hep you get party ready.

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