Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel | Review

What is Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel?

Nourisil MD silicone Scar Gel is a fine clear gel made from a unique blend of 5 silicone’s and vitamin E, the creators claim that it reduce the appearance of scars and also maintains the skins moisture balance. It comes in an easy to use pump action bottle and retails for £25.

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Last week I was asked if I would be happy to try out a new product, Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel, to see if I thought it worked well as a primer as despite not being created for that purpose the feedback the company where having was that it most definitely seemed to work well as a dual function product and they wanted to know what I thought. I was intrigued to find out more so of course I agreed.

My review of the Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel

When using Nourisil MD silicone scar gel you are advised to apply it direct to the scar in question twice daily for 3-6 months but as I have only been using it for a week on my C section scar I don’t feel I can comment on it’s effectiveness to reduce the appearance of scars at this point, however, as I mentioned at the start I am reviewing this as a primer and this is what I can tell you….

  • The bottle is very easy to use and only a small amount comes out when you press down on the nozzle which reduces the possibility of leaks, wastage and mess, which I think is important when it is is £25 a bottle.
  • The liquid is clear and goes on easily and dries almost instantly which is great when applying before make up as you don’t need to wait ages for it to soak in before you can apply the foundation. I also found this helpful when using on my scar as I can apply it as I get dressed and don’t need to hop about waiting for it to dry before I can put my clothes on, which is always a bonus on the cold mornings.
  • Once applied to the skin, face or scar, the skin feels instantly soft and smooth.
  • My makeup went over the gel easily and stayed in place just as well as it does with my current primer but of course this has the added benefit of working on any facial scars you may have and maintaining the skins moisture balance.

Overall I do feel the Nourisil MD Silicon scar gel works as an effective primer with additional benefits and I will continue to use it both as a primer and on my scar in the hope that it is just as successful at reducing the appearance of my scar as it is at reducing the appearance of my wrinkles and increasing the longevity of my makeup.

Nourisil MD Silicone Scar Gel

(I was sent a bottle of the Nourisil MD in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own).