The Robot Factory Domino set By Hape

This week we were kindly sen the Robot Factory Domino set by Hape to review and as we were treated to such horrific weather on Saturday we had the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon testing it out.

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The Robot Factory Domino set comes very well packaged and contains 122 pieces including several dominos of varying sizes, 6 different starters, ramps, 3 wooden balls and a marble. Everything you need to get creative and invent domino tracks of your own.

robot factory domino

It is aimed at children aged 4 plus, which is probably due to the small wooden balls and marble being seen as potential chocking hazards and has no upper age limit on it.


The boys and I spent a good couple of hours playing with this and at 6 and 9 they both enjoyed it. They were able to use all the pieces without any help setting them up and it was great to see them getting creative and working together to see what would work and what wouldn’t, figuring out how far the starter needed to be from the dominos and how much force the marble needed to successfully knock them all down.


Although we had loads of fun with this and both kids played with it a lot longer than I thought they would, it is worth pointing out that as fun and challenging as it is, it is equally frustrating, especially if, like us, you repeatedly knock down the dominos by accident when you are half way through a build and need to start all over again. Surprisingly my youngest took this all in his stride and just kept re building it but it did eventually get the better of the big’un who moved on to playing something else after a couple of hours.


The Robot Factory Domino set clearly has the STEAM label on the front of the box indicating that this toy will encourage elements of learning for science, technology, engineering, art and math through play and I certainly think it has the potential to touch on all of these although I am unsure if a child would be able to identify each one individually. However, I do think that if you are wanting to to use this to embed the STEAM topics that you could do so in a fun way and it would certainly make a good resource for home ed parents.


Overall I think this is a great activity for helping children develop hand eye co ordination, problem solving skills, and creativity whilst having fun. It can be enjoyed by children alone or with an adult and in my opinion is suitable for children up to about 10 and is so versatile that the children will never get bored of it as they can create different routes and tracks every time.


The Robot Factory Domino game by Hape is available on Amazon for £44.

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(We were sent a copy of this game in exchange for a review).